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June 17, 2019

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Take caution to prevent wildfires this summer as spring growth dries up
June 17, 2019
This year’s unusually wet spring weather created a visual symphony of blooming flowers and flourishing plants in the Las Vegas Valley.
Community has the opportunity to learn and grow from painful cuts
June 16, 2019
The pain of the Clark County School District’s elimination of its dean positions is stinging in our community, and may continue to do so for some time. But within this distressing situation lies a chance for us to ...
State has taken strides in protecting Nevadans’ voice at the ballot box
June 14, 2019
Nevada voters and their representatives in the state Legislature have made terrific progress in recent years on making voting more convenient and far less restrictive for Silver State residents.
Investing in Southern Nevada's children and working families pays dividends for all of us
June 13, 2019
In the aftermath of news that CCSD was eliminating 170 dean positions in middle and high schools to contend with a projected budget shortfall, commissioners should get right to work to erase the deficit ...
Closing the homework gap is in the best interest of Nevada communities
June 12, 2019
In some respects, students in Las Vegas face a different set of challenges than their peers in Nevada’s rural schools.
In this June 12, 2014, photo, a U.S. flag is raised alongside a pride flag on the U.S. Embassy a day before the Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Displays of pride and acceptance are in line with American values
June 11, 2019
It’s happened in Seoul and New Delhi, in Vienna and Santiago, Chile, and many other places around the globe. In recent days, U.S. diplomats have pushed back against the Trump administration’s apparent ban on displaying rainbow flags at embassies in support of ...
Nevada’s schoolchildren deserve lawmakers who will fight for them
June 9, 2019
Nevada’s public schools, particularly those in the Las Vegas Valley, came out of the 2019 legislative session with several reasons to celebrate. But unfortunately, they also emerged with a cause for concern ...
Valley sports fans continue to prove doubters wrong
June 7, 2019
When Las Vegas’ minor-league baseball team changed its name from the 51s and moved from Cashman Field to Las Vegas Ballpark this season, there were questions over how things would work out.
Assembly members gather before the Nevada Assembly in Carson City, Monday, Feb. 4, 2019. The Legislature began its session Monday as the first overall female majority legislature in U.S. history.
Democrats in Legislature capitalize on chance to enrich Nevadans’ lives
June 5, 2019
Four months ago, Democrats entered the legislative session with a nearly wide-open pathway to achieve their policy goals after taking control of the governor’s office and both chambers of the Legislature. When they gaveled out Monday ...
Trump’s reckless threat of tariffs on Mexico endangers both nations
June 4, 2019
President Donald Trump’s tariff threat against Mexico has set off alarm bells among U.S. business and political leaders, and with good reason. It’s an irrational and unwarranted attack on a nation that is a close friend of America and deserves to be treated like one, not subjected to a fit of …
Soccer stadium proposal has merits, but council’s due diligence is needed
June 2, 2019
This would be an impressive catch for Las Vegas, and not just for soccer fans. Adding another major-league franchise …
These Las Vegas area schools serving free meals for kids during the summer
May 30, 2019
For a large number of children in Southern Nevada, the end of school can bring anxiety over how they’ll get enough to eat.
A rendering of proposed light rail project for Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas.
People’s support for light rail gives RTC license to rethink a recent decision
May 29, 2019
When invited by the Regional Transportation Commission to comment on various options for a new public transportation system for the Maryland Parkway corridor, hundreds of local residents responded — and a whopping …
Government transparency should not come at an unreasonable cost
May 28, 2019
Next week, the Nevada Board of Regents will take a step toward deciding whether to let a little more sunlight into their operations.
School safety in Southern Nevada is paramount, now more than ever
May 26, 2019
At a rate of more than once per week during this academic year, a student or parent has been caught bringing a firearm or BB gun to a school in the Clark County School District.

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Mueller has explaining to do
Special counsel Robert Mueller owes us further explanation. His recent public statement is insufficient.
By Richard Strickland, North Las Vegas
Be mindful of dogs in hot cars
On a 78-degree day, the temperature in a car can reach 140 degrees in a short time. Opening windows or parking in the shade won’t prevent a dog in the car from overheating.
By Linda Faso, Las Vegas
Trump killed his own credibility
Special counsel Robert Mueller was sideswiped by President Donald Trump because Mueller is a straight shooter, easy pickings for a man who will say or do anything.
By John Pauli, Las Vegas
Time for Texas to do its part
About 6% of Nevada’s land is used for national security. In Texas, that number is 0.3%.
By Kirk Peterson, Reno
We keep making same mistakes
Post-Memorial Day is a good time to reflect on America’s current and past foreign policies and see what we might do to make better decisions in the future.
By Darryl Cornelius, Las Vegas
Service to nation is a privilege
I feel privileged for having had the opportunity to serve.
By David Hernández, Las Vegas
Sisolak stuck up for Nevadans
Thank you, Gov. Steve Sisolak, for vetoing Assembly Bill 186, otherwise known as the Popular Vote Bill.
By Donna Coleman, Henderson
Most presidents get criticized
Media isn’t the same as history. The media have been critical of most presidents in recent history.
By Carmine DiFazio, North Las Vegas