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August 25, 2019

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Whether citizens or not, veterans have earned a place in this country
Aug. 25, 2019
An estimated 100,000 veterans of America’s armed services are noncitizens who stepped up to protect the nation. But an alarming new report has revealed that the Department of Veterans Affairs and President Donald Trump won’t protect them.
Evangelicals see their enforcer in Trump
Aug. 25, 2019
Are the dominant voices of white evangelical Christianity in the United States destined to be angry and defensive? Is President Donald Trump making sure they stay that way?
A searing reminder of what’s not unthinkable
Aug. 25, 2019
When some people have unrestricted and unreviewable power over others — when no one can be compelled to answer for his actions when asked: “Why?” — some of those with power will behave like beasts simply because they can.
Washington already developing its next stimulus plan
Aug. 24, 2019
Yesterday’s temporary stimulus advocates are doubling down by now proposing to create even larger “automatic stimulus” that would operate permanently in the future.
Give me back my empty nest
Aug. 24, 2019
It is easy to forget that you owe it to yourself to have a separate personal life, that you were a fully formed independent adult before them and you will have to be again when they are gone.
Nevada won’t tolerate underhanded election tricks used in other states
Aug. 21, 2019
If there’s any doubt you’ll win, cheat. And if you get caught cheating, destroy the evidence. This is what the Republican Party of 2019 considers acceptable election strategy. The party’s latest attack on democracy was exposed last week in a court ruling in Georgia, where …
Trump administration sacrifices safety in pursuit of deregulation
Aug. 19, 2019
Drivers currently are restricted to 11 hours of driving over a 14-hour period. The 14-hour clock starts after a 10-hour off-duty period. In addition, truckers must take a 30-minute break after driving for eight consecutive hours.
Traffic is constricted by lane closures related to Project Neon, a nearly $1 billion, 4-mile-long widening of Interstate 15 from the U.S. 95 interchange to Sahara Avenue on Tuesday, March 21, 2017.
Light rail could save the city from perpetual Project Neon-like traffic
Aug. 18, 2019
The completion of Project Neon, the massive upgrade of Interstate 15 and the Spaghetti Bowl, is cause for both celebration and reflection. After three years of headaches ...
Cyanide devices like this one, an M-44, are spring-activated and shoot poison that is meant to kill predators.
Cyanide bombs are ‘like a loaded gun ready to go off’ in Nevada outdoors
Aug. 13, 2019
In March 2017, 14-year-old Canyon Mansfield was walking his dog, Kasey, when the unthinkable happened. It occurred when the teen from Pocatello, Idaho, poked at something he thought was a sprinkler head. But it actually was ...
As need for affordable housing grows in Las Vegas, solutions must come from all angles
Aug. 11, 2019
The Las Vegas City Council’s decision this past week to use state bond funds to construct an affordable housing project is a needed step for the community.
State leaders on a mission to ensure every Nevada resident is counted
Aug. 8, 2019
As Horsford noted in a recent interview at the Sun’s offices, Nevada communities stand to lose $20,000 in federal funding for each person not counted …
America’s ‘mental health problem’ has been cultivated for decades
Aug. 6, 2019
In referring to America’s waking nightmare of mass shootings as a “mental health problem,” President Donald Trump inadvertently points out a fundamental truth about …
Have we no decency? A response to President Trump
Aug. 4, 2019
On this day of worship, we call on faith leaders across our community and our nation to also take a stance against President Donald Trump’s hateful invective and policies.
In this Dec. 18, 2018, file photo, President Donald Trump listens as Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos speaks during a roundtable discussion on the Federal Commission on School Safety report, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington.
Trump’s Education Department turns its back on vulnerable youths
July 31, 2019
Government statistics from the Trump administration’s first two years in office shed light on the ways that the White House’s discriminatory agenda hurts Americans ...
North Las Vegas residents should be proud of the city’s turnaround
July 28, 2019
The rise from junk bond status to stability in recent years is a testament to the vision and hard work of the elected leaders ...

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Take Nevada caucus seriously
Folks in Nevada are positioned to narrow the field and recommend the best candidates to the rest of us.
By Gary Wesley, Mountain View, Calif.
Trump’s rhetoric is inflammatory
On Aug. 3, the white writer of an anti-Hispanic manifesto killed 22 people and injured numerous others in a mass killing in El Paso, Texas, a Hispanic community.
By Tom Harper, Las Vegas
Gun regulations are long overdue
President Donald Trump, most of the Republicans in Congress and the National Rifle Association are culpable in the mass shootings and killings that have been occurring recently.
By Gary Beckman, Las Vegas
America has a big problem
We have never had a president tell us so many lies in such a short period of time.
By Bob Hartman, Las Vegas
Everyone needs good health care
As political conversations on health care issues continue, it’s important for everyone to recognize the diversity of health conditions that the American health care community is able to serve.
By Kanani Espinoza, Henderson
Don’t accept risk with no reward
Being active in protecting our environment has become a necessity in my life, as it should be for all Nevadans.
By Michelle Trajtman, Las Vegas
Trump damned no matter what
A reporter on “Good Morning America” on July 26 said that critics claim President Donald Trump aws pandering to the black community because …
By David Tulanian, Las Vegas
Respect each others’ views
On Aug. 3, my letter “Trump mentally unfit for office” was published by the Sun. Shortly thereafter, an individual sent me an unsigned postcard with no return address. The card displayed …
By Don Ellis, Henderson