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January 18, 2017

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  • Don't be a bad boss
    Don't be a bad boss
    Jan. 16, 2017
    Business professionals discuss the pitfalls of being too critical of employees, and not critical enough. As with many aspects in life, the sweet spot lies somewhere in the middle ...
  • Snacktime with Gordon: Guy Savoy gets a rare visit from his protege.
    Fish, chips and passion: A few fast hours in the Las Vegas life of Gordon Ramsay
    Jan. 12, 2017
    With four restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip and a new TV production company, one of the world's biggest food media moguls just keeps getting bigger.
  • Alisha Kerlin at the Barrick Museum.
    Interim director Alisha Kerlin leads the Barrick Museum through its 50th anniversary celebration
    Jan. 11, 2017
    "When someone who’s not used to looking at art is in a tour here at the Barrick and you see that light bulb go off, and they realize that art is something more than just what it looks like, that’s significant."
  • A Wonder Woman slot machines are displayed in the Bally Technologies booth during the final day of the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) at the Sands Expo Center Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014.
    Marketing to inner children: How Hollywood changed the slot machine paradigm
    Jan. 9, 2017
    The idea of combining popular entertainment with slots began 20 years ago with “Wheel of Fortune.” The game-show-cum-slot-machine continues to rank, in terms of revenue generation, as the most successful slot machine of all time. “Wheel of Fortune” proved the power of a good slot game paired with a known entity that appeals primarily to adults. But it’s the appeal of nostalgia that allows a slot based on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” on casino floors ...
  • Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are ready to rock XS and Encore Beach Club.
    The Chainsmokers make Wynn their new Vegas home—and it sounds like a perfect match
    Jan. 5, 2017
    On Tuesday, Wynn announced that The Chainsmokers have signed an exclusive three-year residency, a thoughtful move every bit as considered as their music.
  • The International Car Forest of the Last Church is three hours' drive from Las Vegas.
    Adventures in the International Car Forest
    Jan. 4, 2017
    Is is art, or simply a bunch of junker cars planted in the dirt outside Goldfield? The answer is "yes."
  • American Red Cross chapter volunteers have been assisting Southern Nevadans in need for 100 years, starting with group of women who knitted sweaters, socks and caps for troops fighting in WWI.
    American Red Cross of Southern Nevada celebrates a century of good works
    Jan. 2, 2017
    In June, the American Red Cross of Southern Nevada turns 100. Founded by a small group of volunteers who rolled bandages and knitted warm clothes for soldiers fighting in World War I, the aid organization has grown into “a springboard for the betterment of our future — our children. We are not your grandparent’s Red Cross.”
  • Spend the next 365 days leading a more fulfilling life
    Spend the next 365 days leading a more fulfilling life
    Dec. 29, 2016
    How do you follow a lousy year? By making the next one count. The world might be headed toward any number of disasters, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and better it in the process.
  • How will you get your entertainment delivered in 2017?
    How will you get your entertainment delivered in 2017?
    Dec. 29, 2016
    Why not begin 2017 by clearing out your bandwidth, literally and figuratively?
  • The Vegas checklist of things to do in 2017
    The Vegas checklist of things to do in 2017
    Dec. 29, 2016
    There'll be pizza from Chicago and fried chicken from Chik-fil-A, resort makeovers and construction, and oh yeah, weed and hockey.
  • Scott Helf hoists Jac Vanek as they share a kiss at the entrance to launch area about the RiSE Lantern Festival in the Moapa River Reservation on Friday, Oct. 7, 2016.
    Las Vegas 2016: The Year in Photos
    Dec. 26, 2016
    News photographers are always out for the magic, when visual elements come together in a moment that stirs the heart and says something essential. The Sunday is blessed to have a team of artists who tell great stories every week, so we’re marking the end of 2016 with some of their favorite shots of the year.
  • Is that your dinner? Snacks are replacing full meals for many
    Is that your dinner? Snacks are replacing full meals for many
    Dec. 26, 2016
    Americans are trending toward healthier eating and snacking over sitting down for full meals, and local businesses are paying attention to the shifts.
  • Major Lazer closes out a big year at XS.
    New Year’s Eve in Vegas goes bigger than ever with a galaxy of stars and a raucous party lineup
    Dec. 22, 2016
    Party with Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Drake, Elton John, Major Lazer, The Weeknd, Sting and so many more.
  • "The Mirror Thief"
    Best of 2016: Print
    Dec. 22, 2016
    Topics like mirror-making (who knew?) and gay marriage made for compelling reads this year.
  • Kurt Vile & The Violators play to a too-small Brooklyn Bowl crowd.
    Best of 2016: Concerts
    Dec. 22, 2016
    Bob Dylan, Drake, The Cure, Guns N' Roses ... and where were you when Kurt Vile played?
  • David Bowie's Blackstar placed No. 1 on two of the Weekly critics' three lists.
    Best of 2016: Albums
    Dec. 22, 2016
    Spencer Patterson, Mike Prevatt and Annie Zaleski count down their favorites, from Bowie and Beyoncé to ... The Monkees?
  • "The Americans"
    Best of 2016: TV
    Dec. 22, 2016
    Soviet operatives, Brooklyn hipsters, female inmates and more continued to rule the boob tube in 2016.
  •  Hell or High Water.
    Best of 2016: Films
    Dec. 22, 2016
    The Weekly film critics single out the best flicks of the year.
  • Owner Mark Griffin poses at Griff's, 3650 S. Decatur Blvd., Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016. The 8,000 sq. ft. pool room and bar (formerly known as Pool Sharks) is smoke free.
    Pool hall is bucking Las Vegas tradition by going smoke-free; owner says customers are thankful
    Dec. 19, 2016
    Griff’s, an 8,000-square-foot space at 3650 S. Decatur Blvd., features 17 7-foot pool tables, eight 9-foot tables and an antique 12-foot Brunswick snooker/golf table. The facility stands out because it is 100 percent smoke-free, a move that is unusual for a business in a state that ...
  • Boulevard Mall is changing, both inside and out.
    Boulevard Mall might be Las Vegas' most charming shopping center
    Dec. 15, 2016
    This is not the Boulevard of old. It’s not even the Boulevard of two years ago. This longtime Maryland Parkway fixture is refining its focus in our changing local market.
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