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O.J. Simpson Trial

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  • O.J. Simpson found guilty on all counts

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Oct. 3, 2008

    O.J. Simpson is going to prison. A predominantly white, predominantly female jury has found the former NFL All Star guilty of all of the 12 robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges he faced following a run-in last year with a pair of memorabilia dealers.

  • O.J. Simpson trial goes to jury

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Oct. 2, 2008

    O.J. Simpson's fate and liberty now rests with nine women and three men from Clark County.

  • Defense rests in O.J. Simpson trial

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Oct. 1, 2008

    The defense has rested its case in the armed robbery/kidnapping trial of O.J. Simpson and his former golfing buddy, Clarence "C.J." Stewart.

  • O.J. Simpson trial: Quote of the Day

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Oct. 1, 2008

    The following are quotes from O.J. Simpson's robbery/kidnapping trial in Las Vegas.

  • Gunman in O.J. Simpson raid returns to witness stand

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 29, 2008

    The O.J. Simpson robbery/kidnapping trial entered its third week Monday as the state's last witness returned to the stand to complete his testimony.

  • Several men involved in O.J. Simpson hotel raid testify against him

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 29, 2008

    The second week of O.J. Simpson's robbery/kidnapping trial saw several of his alleged co-conspirators take the stand to testify against their former friend.

  • Gunman in O.J. Simpson case testifies

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 26, 2008

    The North Las Vegas man who last year brandished a loaded gun and shouted obscenities during the infamous hotel room raid involving O.J. Simpson testified against the former NFL star Friday afternoon.

  • O.J. Simpson trial: Defense lawyers pick apart recordings of Metro officers statements

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 26, 2008

    O.J. Simpson's defense lawyers today took advantage of state witness Metro Police detective Andy Caldwell's second appearance on the stand by scrutinizing what investigators working on Simpson's robbery/kidnapping case said while processing the scene.

  • Witness: Recording of O.J. Simpson raid could have been altered

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 25, 2008

    One of the men who was allegedly robbed at gunpoint by a raiding party led by O.J. Simpson last year at a Las Vegas hotel today told a jury that the audio recording of the encounter could have been doctored in Los Angeles before being handed over to police.

  • Witness brought in from California jail to testify against O.J. Simpson

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 25, 2008

    Oh, what a difference a year can make. When Alfred Beardsley visited Las Vegas in September 2007 he booked a room at Binion's Horseshoe Hotel & Casino. When he recently returned a year later to testify at the O.J. Simpson robbery/kidnapping trial, however, he was booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

  • Witness: O.J. Simpson told two companions to pack ‘heat’

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 24, 2008

    One of the two men who brought guns last year to a Las Vegas hotel to get O.J. Simpson memorabilia from two dealers said on the witness stand that Simpson told the two men to bring "heat" to the confrontation.

  • O.J. Simpson’s lawyer seeks mistrial

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 23, 2008

    O.J. Simpson’s lawyer, Yale Galanter, has moved for a mistrial.

  • Witness testifies O.J. Simpson yelled at gunman

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 22, 2008

    O.J. Simpson told one of his companions to "put the guns away," when Simpson and his entourage had a run-in with two collectibles dealers on Sept. 13, 2007, at a Las Vegas hotel, a witness in Simpson's robbery/kidnapping trial testified Monday afternoon.

  • Week in Review: Audio recordings highlight first week of O.J. Simpson trial

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 22, 2008

    The first week of O.J. Simpson's robbery/kidnapping trial started fast and closed strong, squeezing opening statements, 10 witnesses, several voice recordings and a field trip to the scene of the alleged crime into just five days.

  • O.J. Simpson jury tunes in to audio recordings of hotel run-in

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 19, 2008

    After long week of hearing from analysts, Metro Police detectives and hotel security personnel, the jury of the O.J. Simpson robbery/kidnapping trial on Friday finally heard an audio account of the alleged robbery at Palace Station.

  • O.J. Simpson jurors taken on secret field trip to Palace Station

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 19, 2008

    Jurors this morning were taken on a secret field trip to Palace Station where they were given a firsthand look at the room where the confrontation between O.J. Simpson and two sports memorabilia dealers took place last year.

  • Collectibles dealer called to testify in O.J. Simpson case

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 18, 2008

    The colorful collectibles dealer at the center of O.J. Simpson's robbery/kidnapping case was called to testify at the former football star's criminal trial Thursday.

  • O.J. Simpson trial: Detective tells jury what he found after alleged robbery

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 17, 2008

    One of the first police officers to respond to the alleged sports memorabilia robbery last year in a Las Vegas hotel took the stand Wednesday afternoon in the third day of O.J. Simpson's high-profile jury trial.

  • FBI expert testifies at O.J. Simpson robbery/kidnapping trial

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 17, 2008

    The jury in O.J. Simpson’s robbery/kidnapping trial heard more details Wednesday about the audio recordings at the center of the case.

  • Witness: Someone shouted 'put gun down' in O.J. Simpson hotel incident

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 16, 2008

    Defense attorneys continued to try to pick apart memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong’s testimony and previous statements Tuesday as O.J. Simpson's kidnapping/robbery trial entered its second day.

  • O.J. Simpson trial begins with contradicting views of incident

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 15, 2008

    While defense attorney Yale Galanter assured jurors there would be little he-said, she-said during the trial of former golfing buddies O.J. Simpson and Clarence “C.J.” Stewart, three very different opening statements were heard this morning.

  • O.J. Simpson robbery/kidnapping trial begins today

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 15, 2008

    It was one year ago today that O.J. Simpson was arrested and this morning the former football star will reluctantly mark that anniversary from the defendant’s seat as his criminal trial gets under way.

  • Hotel where O.J. Simpson incident took place passes anniversary quietly

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 14, 2008

    No cake, no candles and no champagne marked this occasion: the anniversary of the day O.J. Simpson and four others allegedly raided a hotel room was observed quietly at the Palace Station Hotel & Casino.

  • O.J. Simpson Las Vegas sports memorabilia case marks first anniversary

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 13, 2008

    It has been exactly 365 days since O.J. Simpson and five other men supposedly raided a Palace Station hotel room and stole various items from two memorabilia dealers.

  • O.J. Simpson jury contains mostly women, no African-Americans

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 11, 2008

    O.J. Simpson’s future and freedom is in the hands of a predominantly white, predominantly female 12-member jury.

  • Man who called Simpson ‘murderer’ advances in jury pool

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 11, 2008

    O.J. Simpson’s defense attorneys clashed with Judge Jackie Glass Thursday as the judge refused to dismiss a prospective juror who admitted he made intentionally opinionated statements about Simpson last month on a sworn affidavit.

  • O.J. Simpson jury selection hits two-thirds mark

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 10, 2008

    Wednesday was a productive day in Clark County District Judge Jackie Glass’ courtroom, as 15 people were added to the pool of qualified potential jurors for O.J. Simpson’s upcoming criminal trial.

  • O.J. Simpson jury pool narrowed on second day

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 9, 2008

    After two days of questioning, Judge Jackie Glass has 12 prospective jurors selected for O.J. Simpson’s upcoming criminal trial.

  • Jury selection in Simpson’s trial continues

    By Melissa Arseniuk · Sept. 8, 2008

    O.J. Simpson looked calm and collected today as he began his first day of court proceedings nearly a year after he walked into a casino hotel room intent on reclaiming some sports memorabilia.

  • NHP trooper stops OJ Simpson on way to Las Vegas

    The Associated Press · Sept. 8, 2008 · 6:54 a.m.

    The Nevada Highway Patrol says O.J. Simpson was stopped while driving, questioned and let go on his way to Las Vegas.

  • Six questions for Michael Sommermeyer

    By Brian Eckhouse · Sept. 8, 2008 · 2 a.m.

    Michael Sommermeyer is one of the Las Vegas Valley’s better-known public information officers — both locally and nationally. That’s due, in part, to the celebrity of Vegas crime.

  • Court denies petition of Simpson’s co-defendant

    By Brian Eckhouse · Aug. 29, 2008 · 1:32 p.m.

    CARSON CITY -- In a 2-1 decision, the Nevada Supreme Court has denied the petition of Clarence J. Stewart to sever his trial for armed robbery and kidnapping from football great O.J. Simpson in Las Vegas.

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