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The New Homeless - Part 1

Thu, Aug 26, 2010 (4:35 p.m.)

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  1. They have never had real jobs, time to get one.

  2. VEGAS_IS_CRAP: Ah, the voice of modern American compassion. Hope something like this never happens to you - from reading your posts you seem like the type who would go Postal and take a bunch of innocent bystanders with you.

  3. I was homeless for a while..and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned to help other people. I learned to stand up for myself. I learned the true meaning of faith, hope and charity. It was a mean street but I wouldn't have missed it for the world...
    I will never be afraid of homelessness again..
    Been there done that..

  4. At first it was very hard. I was wailing and clinging to the past..but after a while..I started to see all the new opportunities and adventures that were possible when I didn't have the old hanging around my neck..
    Old habits are hard to break but..when I stopped looking back and started looking forward..homeless was an adventure..a transition to a brave new world..
    Most people rebuild their lives and the lessons they learned from homeless are invaluable..

  5. I was homeless when I was a kid, 18, lived out of my new truck, it took me 3 weeks to grow up.
    (Not blowing money on crap(like Vegas)

  6. We visit Las Vegas often and have noticed boarded up homes etc. This has been clear for some time and we knew it seemed a nice place to visit but may not be a nice place to live if you have limited income.

  7. You've got to quit smoking! Not only is it killing you but it's costing a fortune in more ways than one. That would be a start.

  8. I wish them well but I can't help noting that both are "freelance" arts and farts types from Pelosiland by the bay. No doubt they would blame their plight on Bush or anybody but those they see in the mirror.

  9. I am blogging the following and sending it to my three writing groups in Las Vegas. This story touched my heart strings.

    An Act of Kindness for a Fellow Writer In today's (Sunday, Aug. 29) Las Vegas Sun, there is an article "The New Homeless: My Story by Roger Jacobs." I was so touched as I read Roger's account of his road to homelessness. He is fifty-one, lives in Las Vegas, is an award-winning writer, and is about to become homeless.

    We, as a writing group, cannot possibly fix all of his problems. But, we, as a writing group, could help Roger Jacobs. I challenge each writer in our group to reach into the kindness of their soul for a fellow writer ~ to put the words of their pages into action.

    There is a video report on Roger with more photos at that is certainly worth five-minutes of your time. Contributions are welcomed at a special account for Roger Jacobs at any U.S. Bank branch. I would like to suggest that besides your contribution and name, you leave a message to him as to what writer's group you represent.

    Read the article, watch the video, search your heart ~ let's all support a fellow writer in his time of need. Let's show Roger and Las Vegas that our stories have wings and that our words are written with grace.

    Kathie Harrington

    Las Vegas Writer's Group
    Henderson's Writer's Group
    Las Vegas Romance Writers

  10. I was homeless for 2years and if it happens now, I will not make it. I am unemployed and I am still fighting for my home. I am one of the lucky ones so far in keeping it. My heart and prayers go out to this couple and all who are homeless. People: NO ONE should be homeless. This couple is older with medical problems. If they go out on the streets, there is a good chance they won't make it. When young, there is health and spunk. But, when old, that dies. Homelessness, young or old, is hell that should not be suffering in this country. There should be the safety net for all of us. Do not put any good to homelessness. There are just too many of us suffering.

  11. There are thousands of Vegas families that are facing or about to face the same thing. And the heartlessness of certain members of our community will not reduce the suffering to come.

    There isn't as much help out there that people think there is or that should be there for a safety net.

  12. Look, after my Divorce in 1994 I lost my house after Countrywide Mortgage refused to allow me to add on 2 months to the end of a 30 year mortgage. Even after paying on time with A++ credit they would not do it. Consequently, I lost my home and there weren't all these bleeding heart programs to help me & my Daughter from losing our home so my question is, why do people now count for more than We did in 1994?? At least I did not purposly over extend myself and knew it, I planned for a certain payment with a certain amount of income. Most people nowadays do not do this simple common sense thing. Be Sensible, plan ahead, do not depend on roomates or big dollar short term employment. I do not feel that I should have to spend my taxes bailing out people that have not planned ahead. Sorry.

  13. This guy prob been a bum most of his life. Got a fake career and smokes even with health problems. He made his bed now let him sleep in it. Why should we care if someone pissed away all the money they ever made. Why should the rest of us "ants" help the "grasshoppers"?? Most of us go without things this guy takes for granted so that we can keep moving along. Maybe time for a big lesson for him to learn. How can you work for 20 years and not have savings? I tell you how 1. smoke everyday 2. dont bother to worry about your future. 3. call a hobby your career and keep trying to make it one. This guy needs to get up and man up! You dug your own hole now find a way out of it.

  14. To "Vegas is Crap," I left home at 16 and before I started freelancing in 2007, held down several "real jobs," both white and blue collar. Also helped raise two children all the while.

    To "Brass," writing and editing are respected and valued skills; projects requiring such skills rarely offer regular paychecks and health insurance. There is nothing "fartsy" about taking contract work; would you speak that way to a roofer or housepainter?

    To "LasVegas2009," writing is not a "fake career" nor is it Rodger's "hobby." The ability to write literary fiction is a serious commitment which takes many years to develop. As for not having any savings after working for 20 years, Rodger is not the only person in that boat, if you read the news regularly.

    To "ljsmith," Medicare is not a "bleeding heart program," nor is Social Security. I'm sorry you feel those programs are "bailouts" and invite you to read Rodger's article which these photos accompany. In the article, Rodger states that he is a writer, who happens to be disabled, who happens to freelance to supplement his disability payments, and he happens to be frightened right now.

    It's a shame that a man's entire life can be so easily dismissed because he happens to smoke and once lived in San Francisco.

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