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February 25, 2024

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Las Vegas Sun - History

A Gamble in the Sand

The history of Las Vegas is the ultimate American rags-to-riches story, filled with unusual heroes and foes. This 103-year-old saga follows the city through its incredible ups and downs, and highlights how and where some of the U.S.’s most monumental moments occurred. The largest American city founded in the 20th century took shape as a railroad watering hole before turning into the "Gateway to the Hoover Dam." From there the town was known by its seedy mob label as “Sin City,” before finally transforming into the corporately-financed adult playground called the "Entertainment Capital of the World." Continue...

Video: An 11-Part Series

Boomtown:  Part Two

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  • Boomtown:  Part Two
  • Boomtown:  Part Three
  • Boomtown:  Part One
  • Boomtown:  Part Four
  • Boomtown:  Part Five
  • Boomtown:  Part Seven
  • Boomtown:  Part Six
  • Boomtown:  Part Eight
  • Boomtown:  Part Nine
  • Boomtown:  Part Ten
  • Boomtown:  Part Eleven

Boomtown: The Story Behind Sin City

How did an old-west outpost on Nevada’s last frontier become both the largest city founded in the 20th century and the number one destination spot in the world? Take a journey through Sin City’s history to see the people, politics, entertainment, and events that helped Las Vegas explode into the global phenomenon it is today.

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