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October 20, 2017

Give them what they want

Las Vegas is busting out all over.

Newspapers over the country are presently carrying front page pictures of an "All American" girl hired by the Sahara Hotel to firm up their new show policy.

It’s supposed to be somewhat of a departure from previous shows in that everything will be on a much larger scale.

Las Vegas has always been the first in presenting entertainment in the grand manner. I recall seeing news stories and pictures while on a trip to Washington of a bevy of French chorines arriving at the Tropicana Hotel for the Folies Bergère. The papers in the capital city gave it rather complete coverage and along every stop on the way home, similar pictures appeared in Baltimore, Chicago and Los Angeles.

It seems to be a form of art which newspapers like to feature. Sort of on the eye-catching side. The Folies Bergère girls actually forced a speech of Eisenhower off the front page and it was billed by the White House as one of historic occasion.

I suppose what the French girls had to offer went back a little further in history and had a headier impact on the reading public. They were lined up in front of the Tropicana in scanty costumes executing some rather intricate ballet kicks.

It was not my intention to discuss the new craze which is sweeping Las Vegas hotels. Conditions around my home get somewhat strained whenever pictures

appear in our paper of beautiful buxom gals. I have yet to determine whether it is prudishness, outraged decency, or plain jealousy but my wife frowns rather heavily on all exploitation of sex.

She does not permit me to read the Police Gazette. I imagine it’s because of my innocence and age. But whether she approves or not, it’s this very stuff which arouses her anger which seems to rouse the business of the Strip hotels.

The Dunes went through a most precarious trial period when it first opening suffering all sorts of financial reverses until the present management found a panacea to lure in patrons, it was the oldest gimmick in the world. Girls, girls and more gals in all manner of dress and undress.

The success of the Stardust was immediate with the curtain going up on the Lido de Paris on opening night. The Tropicana was lifted clear to the top of successful showplaces with the Folies Bergère.

The trend has been establish and the Sahara is about to follow suit. Not that its success can be grater than it has been for this is one hotel that never lacked for business.

I suppose it can be called patriotism on the part of Milton Prell and the other owners who feel that anything the French or English do, Americans can do better.

I do not know whether the new star at the Sahara is a typical All-American girl. My experience is somewhat limited to football, baseball, track and other sports when it comes All-American time. I have to plead ignorance to this new female sport. That is, if I desire some peace around the house.

But if the new Sahara show policy gains the momentum which preliminary publicity promises, the search for All-American girls will keep Las Vegas on the front pages of newspapers and magazines for many months to come.

Give the public what it wants and they’ll beat a path to your door. My door is barred (by may wife) but I’m certain the rest of Lass Vega will be more hospitable when the All-Americans and the public start flocking in.

All I hope is that Mr. Prell will not be one of the judges to select the all-American girl. It plays havoc on the heart. And we don’t want to lose him.

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