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Live blog: John Dodson, Diego Brandao win ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ 14 titles

Michael Bisping batters Jason Miller en route to third-round stoppage


Steve Marcus

Featherweight Diego Brandao celebrates after defeating Dennis Bermudez at “The Ultimate Fighter” 14 Finale on Dec. 3, 2011, at the Palms.

Updated Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011 | 8:02 p.m.

TUF 14 Finale at the Palms

Middleweight fighter Michael Bisping is declared the winner after his fight with Jason Miller during the TUF 14 Finale at the Palms December 3, 2011. Launch slideshow »

The Ultimate Fighter 14 Weigh-In

Michael Bisping, left, and Jason Launch slideshow »

The Ultimate Fighter Season 14

The Ultimate Fighter season 14 coach Michael Bisping. Launch slideshow »

Note: Full results from the preliminary card are available at the bottom of the page.

In a video shown before the three main fights Saturday night at the Palms , bantamweight John Dodson called featherweight teammate Diego Brandao his "best friend."

The two buddies' bond only projects to grow stronger after they shared the brightest moments of their careers together at "The Ultimate Fighter" 14 finale fight card. The Greg Jackson-trained fighters became the next two champions of "The Ultimate Fighter" with decisive first-round victories.

Dodson was up first, and he pulled off an upset against former college wrestler T.J. Dillashaw. Dodson's left hand sent Dillashaw crashing to the floor twice before the referee jumped in to stop the fight less than two minutes after it started.

Brandao encountered more adversity in his quest to win the guaranteed six-figure UFC contract. He walked into a straight right hand from Dennis Bermudez, which put him on the ground and hanging on for his chance of victory.

But Bermudez got careless trying to finish and let Brandao get a hold of his arm. The longtime Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner sank in an arm bar and possibly broke Bermudez's arm before he tapped out. Brandao officially won at 4:51 of the round by submission.

“When I fall down, I know I’m in bad position," Brandao said in the octagon after his victory. "I knew he was going to keep punching, so I got an arm bar.”

“I’m going to be able to buy my mom a house in Brazil now. Yee-haw.”

Brandao's coach on "TUF," Michael Bisping, also shined. Bisping beat down rival Jason "Mayhem" Miller in the main event. After a lopsided eight minutes and with Miller barely able to protect himself, the referee stepped in to give Bisping a TKO victory at 3:34 of the first round.

The pro-Miller crowd started to filter out of the exits and booed Bisping on their way.

“You can boo me or whatever, but I feel that me and Jason put on an awesome season of "The Ultimate Fighter," Bisping said.

Tony Ferguson and Johnny Bedford also won fights on the main card, defeating Yves Edwards and Louis Gaudinot, respectively.

Check back to later for full coverage from "The Ultimate Fighter" 14 finale card.

Michael Bisping vs. Jason "Mayhem" Miller

Third Round Bisping is taunting the obviously exhausted Miller before they begin another round. Miller pulls guard, but Bisping won't follow him to the ground. He's winning the stand-up enough that he doesn't need to. Miller's right eye is swelling and bruised. He's taking deep breaths. Miller said Bisping's only strength was scoring points with his jab and volume striking. That's what he's done for two minutes so far in this round. Another break in the action as Bisping is again poked in the eye. Miller shoots in for a takedown when the fight resumes, but Bisping sprawls. Bisping is trying to take Miller's back. Mayhem is covering up. Bisping blasts Miller's side with knees. Bisping is now in Miller's guard and throwing a ton of punches. Does Mayhem have anything left? That's beginning to look like a valid question as he eats two more elbows. Bisping is really ground-and-pounding Miller now, who is turtling up on the floor. The referee calls it and Miller nods his head in agreement. Bisping falls to the ground in celebration. Michael Bisping defeats Jason "Mayhem" Miller by TKO at 3:34 of the third round.

Second Round Both fighters are already breathing hard after only one round. They are trading jabs and Miller foolishly leaves himself open, which Bisping takes advantage of. Bisping is scoring points in the first minute. That ends when Miller shoots for a takedown and drives Bisping into the fence. Bisping reverses after a few seconds and they are out of the clinch. Bisping goes high with a kick and they break after Miller accidentally pokes Bisping in the eye. The crowd is all over Bisping and rooting for Miller heavily. Back at it with 3:22 to go and a Miller combination sends Bisping back. A straight boxing match has broken out for the last minute and each man has had his moments. Miller shoots in, but Bisping thwarts him and Miller is on the ground. Bisping punches Miller right in the nose twice when he's on his knees. Bisping is starting to feel it with his combinations and has Miller retreating. He doesn't seem to be hurting Miller, but Bisping is definitely scoring points. Bisping is all over Miller with straight rights against the cage. But Miller raises his hands to say he's not hurt. A lot of blood is coming out of Miller's nose, though. The bell rings and that was a good round for Bisping. All tied at 19 after two.

First Round No touch of gloves despite the referee's request. These guys don't like each other. Miller looks for an early takedown, but it's not there. Bisping throws some jabs and they lock up against the cage. Both are throwing knees, but Bisping is the one driving Miller's back into the fence. They break out and Miller smiles as Bisping catches one of his kicks. Bisping looks faster, but Miller lands the biggest punch so far with a left hook to the temple. Miller is moving forward, but Bisping is trying to keep distance. Miller picks Bisping up and tosses him on the ground to the delight of the crowd, with three minutes to go. Bisping gets against the cage and will try to wall-walk to his feet. Mayhem pressuring him and not allowing it. Fight is at a standstill. Bisping motions to the referee that Miller isn't doing anything. He wants the fight stood up. Miller is trying to punch, but Bisping is defending well. Miller is finally finding some room for elbows, but Bisping uses all of his might to get up. Miller is loose and feeling good, putting his arms out to Bisping and saying something. Bisping is jabbing with a minute to go and finding a little rhythm. But Miller counters a few times. End of the first round, which Miller takes 10-9.

Diego Brandao vs. Dennis Bermudez

First Round Brando comes out swinging punches as is his customary approach. Bermudez ties him up for a second, but they break out. They're back in the center of the octagon and Bermudez briefly takes Brandao down after the Brazilian throws and misses with an overhand right. Bermudez is actually hanging in there with his striking. He's moving his head to stay away from Brandao for the most part. Brandao is throwing the same telegraphed right hook a lot and Bermudez is avoiding it. Bermudez knees Brandao and hits him with a straight right. Just when it looks like he's taking control, Bermudez goes crashing down after a right hand from Brandao. But he's back up right away and has no trouble regaining his balance. Another big hook from Brandao lands at the midway mark, but Bermudez takes this one better. Brandao comes in with a flying knee and Bermudez falls to the ground to avoid it. They are tied up on the ground and Brandao has Bermudez's back. Bermudez gets up, but Brandao slams him down. Bermudez comes forward and lands a couple strikes. Brandao throws a right hook and leaves himself open. Bermudez catches him with a straight right and Brandao is down. Brandao is trying to hang on as he's pounded with punches. He gets a hold of Bermudez's leg to keep the referee from stopping it. But Bermudez is loose shortly after and all over Brandao. Brandao somehow gets a hold of Bermudez's arm. He's got a kimura. It's deep and may have broken Bermudez's arm as the New York native taps. Diego Brandao comes from behind to take a submission victory over Dennis Bermudez at 4:51 of the first round.

T.J. Dillashaw vs. John Dodson

First Round Dillashaw has a clear size advantage and keeps his distance with pestering leg kicks to the body. Dodson lands a hook that sends Dillashaw stumbling back. These guys are moving quickly as advertised, but Dodson is having a little trouble getting inside of Dillashaw's reach. Dillashaw is getting away any time Dodson rushes in. Dodson hits Dillashaw with a hook and high leg kick. Surprisingly, the college wrestler Dillashaw hasn't looked for a takedown yet. Dodson catches Dillashaw with a left hand and he goes down. Dillashaw gets up, but Dodson hits him with another. Dodson follows him this time with ground-and-pound strikes and Dillashaw is out. The referee jumps in. Dodson does two flips off of the cage to celebrate. John Dodson defeats T.J. Dillashaw via TKO at 1:54 of the first round.

Tony Ferguson vs. Yves Edwards

Third Round Neither man is showing any signs of exhaustion. Ferguson again going to his leg kicks and trips Edwards up early. Edwards goes up top for a high kick, but it only grazes Ferguson. Ferguson is coming forward and playing his game a minute into the round. Ferguson is working his jab and Edwards doesn't have much to answer with. His countering approach isn't working as well as it did a round ago. Ferguson throws a superman punch with three minutes to go. At the midway point, Edwards has a long way to go to win this fight. Edward's best head kick yet lands, but Ferguson doesn't seem to mind. Ferguson's leg kicks are landing as loudly as they did in the first round. Both still look fresh and Ferguson is taking the boxing exchanges. Ferguson lands another superman punch, but Edwards counters with a looping right hook. Edwards tries to take Ferguson down, but can't even move the former college wrestler. Ferguson swings away with 30 seconds to go and lands a leg kick. Ferguson controls the final 10 seconds to win the fight 29-28 on the Las Vegas Sun scorecard. Tony Ferguson wins a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) over Yves Edwards.

Second Round Ferguson is moving from side to side and can't wait to get started. Edwards looks more hesitant. Round starts and they feel each other out in the middle of the octagon. Ferguson works another leg kick, but stands in the pocket as a couple short hooks from Edwards connect. Ferguson is still the one coming forward more. But Edwards rocks him with a left hook and follows it with a kick to the body. Another right hand and Ferguson falls to his knees. Edwards has turned things around and now pushes forward with a combination. Ferguson's face is swelling and he's bleeding out of his nose. Edwards' face is a little bloody, too. Ferguson has recovered near the midway point of the round and is using his jab to keep distance. Ferguson may have a broken nose. He hits Edwards with an uppercut and the veteran stumbles back. This is the Fight of the Night so far. Blood is pouring out of Ferguson's nose and sweat is dripping off of his chin. Ferguson goes to the body. Edwards counters with 1:30 to go. Edwards is mostly countering, but doing it effectively at this point. Both ate two big hooks as the 30-second mark hits the clock. Edwards shoots for a takedown, but it doesn't even come close to working. Instead, Ferguson gets Edwards down. He can't do anything with it. Edwards wins round two 10-9.

First Round They touch gloves and start bouncing around. Ferguson lands the first strike with a leg kick. He's keep distance with a jab that Edwards is backing away from. Edwards comes in for a combination, but Ferguson has solid head movement to stay away. Ferguson is throwing repeated leg kicks that have to hurt Edwards' lead leg. A straight left from Edwards is his first significant strike of the evening. But Ferguson is in control two minutes in. The mixture of kicks and punches is throwing Edwards out of sync. Edwards throws a big overhand right that misses and Edwards is able to counter with a shot to the body. They're both coming forward and using their boxing. Edwards now throws a leg kick that spins Ferguson around. An uppercut from Edwards rocks Ferguson a little after more leg kicks. Edwards is landing with more power, but Ferguson is winning the volume. Ferguson sends Edwards stumbling with a right hand. He then lands a combination and Edwards has to retreat. Ferguson has Edwards against the fence and he's in trouble. Edwards comes out and recovers with a head kick. Ferguson stuffs a takedown attempt, but they roll for a second before the bell. A great first round goes to Ferguson 10-9.

Louis Gaudinot vs. Johnny Bedford

Third Round They stand and trade strikes for an entire minute to open the round, which might double the amount of time they've been on the feet for the fight so far. Bedford is winning the exchanges too. He hits Gaudinot with a few knees and a high kick. But a spinning back fist from Gaudinot sends Bedford back for a second. Never mind. Bedford drops Gaudinot with a right hand against the fence. Gaudinot is covering up, but Bedford pounds him with hammer fists. When Gaudinot gets his face away, Bedford goes with knees to the body. Gaudinot is not defending himself and the referee steps in. Johnny Bedford defeats Louis Gaudinot via TKO at 1:59 of the third round.

Second Round Gaudinot comes out strong and goes forward, but it's not long until Bedford locks him up against the cage. Bedford lands a few shots for some more damage to Gaudinot's already bloodied face before taking down the green-haired New Jersey native again. Gaudinot gets to his feet, but not for long. Bedford has Gaudinot back on the ground a minute-and-a-half into the round. Gaudinot is defending himself, but can't muster any offense off of his back. Bedford transitions to side control and then full mount. With two minutes to go, Gaudinot must get ready to take some elbows and fists to the face. Here it comes. Bedford is wailing away. He might finish Gaudinot. The pace slows down as Gaudinot covers his face and escapes further punishment for the moment. Bedford keeps moving in to new dominant positions on the ground. This isn't even close with 45 seconds to go. Bedford back in mount and throwing repeated elbows to Gaudinot's face. Bedford almost takes his back, but settles on an arm bar attempt. Gaudinot survives. Still dominant, but slightly less so than the first round. Bedford wins 10-9 and leads 20-17.

First Round Gaudinot is aggressive early, but Bedford answers a few of his leg kicks with his own. Bedford gets Gaudinot to the ground with a double-leg takedown 30 seconds into the fight. He works his hands free and throws a couple ground-and-pound strikes before Gaudinot gets to his knees. Gaudinot is up a minute in. They're locked up and Gaudinot throws a couple knees that go into Bedford's thighs. Bedford takes Gaudinot down again and is in mount. He's used his size advantage perfectly so far. Gaudinot is trying to defend himself from the raining punches coming down, but there's not much he can do. Gaudinot is trapped with two minutes to go. Bedford now has Gaudinot's back and ditches a rear naked choke attempt for a body triangle. Gaudinot is on all fours trying to buck Bedford off of his back, but he's too heavy. He spins out and Bedford no longer has Gaudinot's back. But Bedford still has a dominant position. Gaudinot is just trying to hold on. Bell sounds and Bedford takes a 10-8 first round.

Pre-main card

Those who prefer a quick pace over heavy shots in their fights should thoroughly enjoy “The Ultimate Fighter” 14 finale fight card this evening at the Pearl at the Palms.

Four of the five fights scheduled for tonight's main card feature fighters who weigh 155 pounds or less. In terms of foot speed, it’s destined to be the quickest event in UFC history.

The one outlier is the main event between middleweights Michael Bisping and Jason “Mayhem” Miller. It’s the third five-round non-title fight in UFC history after the organization implemented the change last month.

Bisping and Miller coached teams of bantamweights and featherweights on this season of “TUF”, which explains the influx of the small weight classes at this event. All but two fights feature cast members from “TUF” 14.

The most recent “TUF” champion, Tony Ferguson, will appear before the next two are crowned. Ferguson faces veteran Yves Edwards in a lightweight bout.

Sports books have Ferguson, who is riding a tear of eight straight knockout victories, as a 3-to-1 favorite over Edwards. But Edwards has nearly 60 fights and has fought professionally since before Ferguson was in high school.

Ferguson will relate to the joy he sees on the face of either T.J. Dillashaw or John Dodson directly after his fight. Dillashaw and Dodson are the bantamweight finalists of “TUF” 14 and appear before the featherweight championship between Diego Brandao and Dennis Bermudez.

Dillashaw and Brandao are the favorites to come away with the guaranteed six-figure contract, but that hasn’t always meant much at “TUF” finales. Ferguson, for example, was the underdog six months ago against Ramsey Nijem in this exact building.

Ferguson knocked out Nijem in the first round.

Stay tuned to for round-by-round coverage of the five fights on “The Ultimate Fighter” 14 finale main card and look below for full results from the preliminary card.

"TUF" 14 Team Bisping teammates Marcus Brimage and Stephen Bass fought for the entire 15 minutes and only went to the ground for a few seconds. Brimage out-struck Bass en route to a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

John Albert defeated Dustin Pague via TKO at 1:09 of the first round. Albert, a near 2.5-to-1 underdog, sent Pague to the floor with a right hand and followed him with ground-and-pound strikes.

The first upset of the night came in a bantamweight contest between Roland Delorme and Josh Ferguson. Delorme submitted Ferguson with a rear naked choke 22 seconds into the third round, after the Canadian dropped his opponent with a straight right.

Steven Siler won a unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Josh Clopton in their featherweight bout. Siler's striking opened a nasty cut on Clopton's nose in the first two rounds, but Clopton recovered to take Siler down and control the third.

Bryan Caraway beat Dustin Neace, whom he called his "best buddy", in a bantamweight bout to start the evening. Caraway submitted Neace with a rear naked choke at 3:38 of the second round.

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