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May 25, 2019

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The Sunday is gone, but its content carries on

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In the four years the Sunday has been published, it has become a beloved weekly destination for readers across the valley and developed a vast reach and impact.

The Sunday reimagined how news could be delivered with verve, creativity, graphic impact, daring and clarity. We have been excited to watch its interplay with its sister publication, the established and massively read Las Vegas Weekly.

However, as we enter 2018, we’ve identified a somewhat intractable challenge for The Sunday and Las Vegas Weekly. To put it simply: Because both Greenspun Media Group publications offered great audiences, advertisers have been torn between them. Advertise in one and you risk not reaching the audience of the other. How to choose? Meanwhile, this meant both publications competed with each other for revenue.

The solution is this: Beginning next week, Greenspun Media Group will merge The Sunday and Las Vegas Weekly to create a single, enlarged and uniquely powerful magazine that will be published every Thursday.

This means that the issue of The Sunday you hold in your hand will be the last as a standalone publication. Next Thursday, you’ll see a new, expanded Las Vegas Weekly that will include everything you love about The Sunday along with everything that has made the Weekly a pillar of the Vegas experience for almost 20 years.

The content and features that readers expect in The Sunday will flow into the Weekly. You’ll find the 5-Minute Expert, news, sports coverage, food, lifestyle and new health and wellness content. VEGAS INC and our award-winning business coverage, albeit somewhat condensed, will be there too.

Meanwhile, the Weekly will transform the “Industry” center section into a powerful new approach called “Culture Weekly” that will chart the Vegas scene through its compelling nightlife, DJs, live music, festivals and avant-garde arts coverage in a joyous and rich new way. Like “Industry” today, “Culture Weekly” will be distributed as a standalone in select Strip locations, and will be the go-to destination for entertainment.

Realistically, this is a win for readers of both publications.

Readers of The Sunday will find the content they love, so the expanded Las Vegas Weekly will feel like The Sunday on steroids, because it includes the city’s definitive entertainment coverage that The Sunday previously lacked.

Readers of Las Vegas Weekly will continue to find all the fantastic entertainment coverage they demand and rely upon. Now it will be presented in an exciting new way, with enormous focus, fun and in an expanded publication that will offer tons of fresh content that wasn’t in the Weekly before.

Simply put, this will be a complete and compelling publication.

For advertisers, they’ll no longer have to choose which audience they want to reach, because we’re merging the two powerhouses in the market into a refreshed entity that will be the essential guide to life in Las Vegas.

Advertisers in The Sunday will add hundreds of thousands of new readers to the reach they previously enjoyed, while traditional advertisers in Las Vegas Weekly will benefit from The Sunday readers migrating to the expanded Weekly.

We have loved The Sunday, passionately, just as you do. Rest assured it’s not going away. You’ll find its head, its heart and its power appearing next Thursday with the unveiling of the enhanced Las Vegas Weekly.