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September 17, 2019

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Live the myth: Tony Spilotro’s home is for sale

Mobster Tony Spilotro's House For Sale

The Las Vegas home of organized crime figure Tony Spilotro is on the market. The asking price for the single-story, four-bedroom, two-bath ranch-style home built in 1974 is $419,900.

Mobster Tony Spilotro's House For Sale

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There are, at the minimum, two cities called Las Vegas, Nevada. One is the city we live in — two-plus million people in the greater metropolitan area, nice parks, great restaurants and a hockey team that just won’t quit. The other Las Vegas is a city of myth — a place created by movies, television shows and our own stranger-than-fiction history. (That’s the Vegas where we all live in hotel rooms and carpool with Elvis.) It’s a rare occasion that the two cities overlap, but they’re doing it right now: Tony “The Ant” Spilotro’s house is for sale.

Spilotro played a sizable role in both Vegas’ real and mythic pasts. An organized crime figure who came to Vegas in the 1970s to oversee the “skim” of Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal’s casinos for the Chicago Outfit, Spilotro cast an imposing shadow both as a mob enforcer and as a burglar (he ran the infamous Hole in the Wall Gang). Years later, Spilotro served as the inspiration for Joe Pesci’s character in Martin Scorcese’s Casino, the ruthless made man Nicky Santoro. Now, if the price is right, you can live in Spilotro’s home, watch Casino in what used to be his living room, and marvel at life in the metaphorical layer cake that is our valley.

The house, which is on offer by Shannon Smith of Realty ONE Group ([email protected]), is a single-story, four-bedroom, two-bath ranch-style home built in 1974. It sits on a 13,068-square-foot lot near Harmon Avenue and McLeod Drive and has what the client brochure describes as “one of the largest pools in the neighborhood.” The mid-century modern interior is bright and airy, with white-tile floors and (why not?) mirrored ceilings. The asking price is $419,900, which seems like kind of a bargain considering the large swimming pool and even larger bragging rights. If you’ve ever dreamed of living in the Vegas of legend, here’s where you buy in.