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November 17, 2019

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Lyft now offering cheaper Shared Saver rides in Las Vegas


Lyft / AP

This undated photo provided by Lyft shows an illuminated Lyft beacon.

Lyft users in the valley will see a new ride option in their app today, with the expansion of the Shared Saver program to Las Vegas.

The option, which the ride-hailing service calls its “most affordable Lyft ride yet,” is aimed at users who don’t mind walking and sharing a ride with someone else. It will not be subject to surge price fluctuations, according to Lyft.

With Shared Saver, riders walk to nearby pickup spots to share a ride with other parties and are dropped off together near their destinations.

To use the service, users should update their Lyft app. The next few steps are similar to selecting any other Lyft ride.

After setting a destination, set the ride type to Shared Saver. Once confirmed, the app will notify users where to go to be picked up — typically just few blocks away. Riders are then dropped off within a few blocks of their destinations.

“More shared ride options means a more sustainable transportation solution, as there are less cars on the road,” Lyft spokeswoman Drena Kusari said. “Lyft is working to alleviate traffic by investing in shared rides, bikes, scooters and integrating with public transit.”

Shared Saver was launched earlier this year in Denver, New York City and San Jose, Calif. It also launched today in San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

The new feature is similar to Uber’s Express Pool.