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October 22, 2017

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2008 Elections

Barack Obama on Environment and Energy


America has a responsibility to address the issues of global warming and protect the environment. It starts with America's dependency on fossil fuels. Plan to decrease America's dependency includes investing $150 billion in renewable sources of energy and creating a marketplace for bio-technology to thrive. Plans on 20 percent of nation's power supply to originate from renewable energy sources by 2020. Require car companies to turn out more cars that use less oil. Setting caps on greenhouse gas emissions so that by 2050 the reduction is 80 percent. Transform America into an energy efficient country starting with the federal buildings. In June 2007 voted to remove oil and gas exploration subsidies.


Obama's campaign Web site: Environment and Energy
Read Obama's plans on promoting a healthy environment and meeting energy needs.


YouTube video: ABC Debate in Iowa
Obama discusses hardships of addressing global warming and the tough decisions the next president will have to make regarding global warming.


YouTube video: Manchester, N.H.
Obama discusses the points of his plan to reduce global warming and make America environmentally friendly


— Las Vegas Sun interns Jenna Kohler and April Corbin contributed to this report.

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