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2008 Elections

Duncan Hunter on Immigration


(Editor's Note: Hunter dropped out of the presidential race for the Republican nomination on Jan. 20, 2008, after a poor showing (2 percent of the vote) on Jan. 19, 2008, in the Nevada caucuses. See a statement on his campaign Web site.)

He supports building 854 miles of double-border fence across the Mexican border with California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. He is a steadfast opponent of amnesty for illegal immigrants who are here. Amnesty "encourages a whole new wave of illegal immigrants who seek to catch the next amnesty." Illegal immigrants who are here need to leave because they are causing higher levels of unemployment, especially in the construction trades, by working for less than the going construction wages. He wants to change the law so that children of illegal immigrants who are born here do not automatically become citizens. He wants a nationwide employment verification system, with consequences placed on employers who hire illegal immigrants.


Hunter's Web site: Read more about Hunter's position on immigration.


On the Issues: From the 2007 GOP Presidential Forum at Morgan State University Sep 27, 2007.


"Folks that are here illegally have to leave and let me tell you why. Today, if you're a dry wall contractor and you play by the rules & pay $27 per hour, you will be constantly under-cut by contractors who use people who are here illegally. That's not fair to Americans who play by the rules. That's one reason you have, in certain areas, especially in the construction trades now, higher levels of unemployment."


YouTube video: Hunter speaks on illegal immigration during the June 5, 2007, CNN Republican presidential debate. Says the McCain-Kennedy bill was "a bad bill."

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