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November 21, 2017

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2008 Elections

John McCain on Iraq


He favors keeping troops in Iraq until the war is won. He said the war had been mismanaged, but the surge is working. He favors sending in more troops to stabilize the country. If we pull out the troops from Iraq, the terrorists will bring the fight to America, he says. The U.S. must accelerate the training and equipping of Iraqi armed forces and police, he says.


McCain's Web site: "Having been a critic of the way this war was fought, and a proponent of the very strategy that is being followed, it is my obligation to encourage Americans to give it a chance to succeed. To do otherwise would be contrary to the interests of my country and dishonorable." -John McCain


YouTube video: McCain reports about status of U.S. strategy in Iraq, Nov. 26, 2007.


YouTube video: McCain: Democrats refusing to acknowledge the success the U.S. is having in Iraq, Nov. 26, 2007.


Las Vegas Sun: McCain casts himself as a Western hero, April 29, 2007.

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