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January 16, 2018

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2008 Elections

Mike Gravel on Iraq


Gravel played a key role in bringing the the Pentagon Papers, which exposed decades of decision-making secrets regarding the Vietnam War, into the public eye. He takes a strong stance against the ongoing war in Iraq and calls is a repeating of the Vietnam War. According to Gravel's plan, all U.S. troops would return home within 120 days in an immediate and orderly withdrawal. Gravel supports aggressive diplomacy by working with Iraq's neighboring countries to promote peace and end the civil war.


Gravel's campaign Web site:
Read more about Gravel's plan for the removal of troops.


YouTube Video:
In a press conference, Gravel summarizes his views on the war in Iraq.


YouTube Video:
Gravel speaks at John Hopkins University about his plan to remove U.S. troops from Iraq.


YouTube Video:
Gravel addresses the mother of a soldier deployed to Iraq about Democratic presidential candidates' handling of the issue.


YouTube Video:
During the presidential debate at Dartmouth college, Gravel proposes a way for current U.S. senators to end the war in Iraq.


Las Vegas Sun (9-23-07): Voice of experience (Gravel draws parallel between Iraq and Vietnam wars)


Huffington Post (6-25-07): Why Hillary Scares Me (Gravel blogs about who's to blame for the Iraq war)


— Las Vegas Sun intern April Corbin compiled this report.

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