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October 19, 2019

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Photo by Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

Once dubbed "Scarlett" for her dramatic and determined efforts to keep Southern Nevada in water, Pat Mulroy stands in a replica of a water pipe at Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

For Want of Water

Las Vegas was first settled for its springs, springs that made it an oasis in the desert. Although those springs have decades since run dry, water is still the most import resource to Las Vegas and the dry Southwest. And by all indications the region is only going to get dryer.

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Construction Deaths

Construction workers had been dying at a rate of one every six weeks in the $32 billion building boom on the Las Vegas Strip. But deaths stopped last year after the Las Vegas Sun exposed serious safety flaws on the ... Continue...

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Indentured Doctors

Across the United States, foreign doctors are being worked to exhaustion, cheated out of wages, coerced into unfair contracts and diverted away from the medically needy patients they're supposed to serve. Their bosses can bully them because they sponsor their ... Continue...

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