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Criss Angel Mindfreak Season Three

Special Episode: Luxor Light

Other 'Mindfreak' Seasons

In the mind-blowing third season opener Criss will astonish viewers by taking levitation to an unprecedented level--attempting to float more than 500 feet above ground over one of only two man-made objects that can be seen from space--the 800 degree light beam that sits atop his new home the Las Vegas' Luxor Hotel and Casino. Additionally, Criss will float down from the 26th floor of the Luxor atrium into a crowd in the lobby recreate his first-ever levitation by floating his now 72-year-old mother on a broomstick. Viewers will also get a glimpse into Criss' preparations for his Cirque du Soleil live show and find out what happens when A&E's Dog the Bounty Hunter drops in for a special visit.

40 - My Secret Cabaret

Shot in the Palace Showroom of the Magic Castle, this episode climaxes with Criss stopping his pulse in five places while being monitored by a team of medical experts.

Jonathan Davis of KORN gives Criss an unforgettable surprise in Los Angeles, California. Other highlights include never before seen bloopers and footage of Criss performing as a teenager.

41 - Underwater Car Escape

Criss takes Sully from Godsmack's watch, and smashes it to bits with a hammer...

he then produces that same watch, undamaged, to the relieved Sully. More mayhem in the arcade when Criss draws a picture that starts talking to startled kids. Criss convinces Carrot Top that a trick has gone wrong and mistakenly chops off his finger. Criss shows an adoring Luxor employee his superhuman strength as he levitates a heavy manhole cover hovering below one hand. The episode culminates as Criss remembers his uncle who drowned as his car slid off the road into a watery ditch. In a tribute to his uncle, Criss is tied and locked in the trunk of a car as it is lowered into a lake. Criss must escape or face the same doom as his uncle.

42 - Quad Drag Escape

Criss can't decide what to wear and demonstrates the art of costume quick-change. He floats a coffee cup & makes a woman’s wedding ring vanish and reappear. Distracted by news of his mother's emergency heart surgery, Criss is unable to concentrate before a big stunt and faces this risk of seriously hurting himself. This episode culminates in the amazing ATV drag escape where Criss is bound and dragged through the Excalibur arena at high speed with crowds cheering and mud flying everywhere!

43 - Animal Magic 2

Criss Angel has always loved animals. Last season he made an elephant vanish.

In this episode, Criss will attempt to end the elephant's long hiatus by making her reappear in full view of hundreds of people. Criss visits Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden where he turns a cage handler into a full-sized tiger. Criss transforms a full-grown dog into a cuddly puppy. While visiting the men’s washroom, he produces a dove from crumpled tissue and baffles onlookers when he produces even more doves, seemingly from nowhere.

44 - Car Crash Escape

Chained to the side of a parked car filled with explosives, can Criss escape before a second speeding car plows into him?

Criss gets a visit from his buddy, Amazing Johnathan, who adds a new twist to Criss' escape as they hit the streets with some wacky street magic.

Criss levitates to the top of a lamppost. Later he levitates a woman above a fountain and makes a chopper bike appear from thin air. While visiting a friend, Criss makes an olive float and gives a behind the scenes look into the preparations for his upcoming Cirque Du Soleil show at the Luxor.

45 - Drowned

Criss tests his endurance as he attempts to escape mental institution restraints while wrapped tight in sheets...

strapped on a gurney, in front of a live audience. Criss also levitates a manhole cover weighing over 100 pounds. For the first time ever, Criss runs into some serious trouble attempting one of Houdini's famous water escapes.

46 - The Kid in Criss

In this show, the Mindfreak demonstrates how magic has kept the kid alive in him.

Criss turns a young girl's toy Barbie into a real women, with the doll growing out of her dollhouse right in front of the eyes of excited children. Criss then physically transforms himself back into a child again. He also teaches a trick to some Make-a-Wish kids, and then Criss-mas comes early as Criss, dressed as Santa Claus, makes a truck full of toys appear out of nowhere to the delight of disadvantaged kids.

47 - Motorhead

Criss' obsession with cars and motorcycles has been well established in previous episodes of MINDFREAK... and in Season 3 Criss has some great, new demonstrations focused around his favorite hobby. He morphs a Bentley into a Lamborghini, builds up to the Lambo vanish starting with high-speed go-karts, and will try to move everyday objects from one area to another while unsuspecting fans observe in awe. The finale comes when for the first time ever, Criss will vanish a moving object. While driving his Lamborghini at a high rate of speed, he defies physics by making it disappear.

48 - Sucker 2

In Season 2, Criss introduced viewers to some of the biggest scams ever perpetrated.

This season, Criss exposes even more cons as he becomes a certified psychic and divulges their secrets. He shows some common scams when he sticks friends with the bill at a restaurant and loses his expensive necklace unveiling the ultimate scam of all times. In the show’s finale, Criss will reveal the ultimate secret, the words that unlock the key to attaining anything you desire: sex, riches and power.

49 - Burning Man

When a bag of chips becomes lodged in a snack machine, Criss puts his hand through the glass to retrieve it.

Criss and the crew travel away from the hustle and bustle of city life to visit a dude ranch. Criss tills the land and entertains ranchers by hypnotizing chickens and bringing a scarecrow to life. He levitates a friend around a campfire. The episode culminates as illusionist Jeff McBride takes Criss on a right of passage with drums, dancing, and a dangerous feats involving fire.

50 - Prisoner Transport Escape

After being locked in a mailbag, Criss will attempt to escape a caged truck filled with explosives as it races towards the edge of a cliff.

He also hits the golf course demonstrating never before seen skills. Criss manipulates his environment when he levitates himself on his golf clubs and uses his unique powers to great advantage on the fairways and putting greens. Criss shocks a group of golfers as he levitates high over the golf course & trees.

51 - Naked Jail Escape

The greatest and most famous magician ever, Harry Houdini, remains one of Criss Angel’s significant influences.

Criss pays homage to the master by recreating some of his most incredible escapes and fantastical feats, but with a MINDFREAK twist. Wearing multiple shackles and handcuffs, Criss is completely disrobed to show there are no hidden keys or picks and must escape a jail cell before a mob of fans bust in on him in his birthday suit.

52 - Steamroller

In this episode, Criss lies on a bed of broken glass as a steamroller rolls over his body.

Criss will also produce a beautiful woman from a box of merchandise. He performs street magic where he bends a quarter in his mouth and makes a card appear in a lit cigar. Special guest Jason Hervey from the Wonder Years.

53 - Raging Bull

This episode of MINDFREAK revolves around an alter ego of Criss Angel, a traveling salesman.

Disguised as "Justin Case", Criss goes door-to-door and town-to-town amazing people with his bottomless suitcase, which he surprisingly retrieves items such as a ladder, a broom, and a shovel. Criss levitates above a lawn sprinkler before levitating an admiring fan. Criss goes shopping with Flavor Flav and changes a pile of $1 bills to a stack of $100 individual bills. The episode escalates when Criss reveals to his mother he's going to attempt to vanish before being speared by a raging Mexican bull.

54 - Mentalism

Mentalism is the use of one’s mind to conduct Para psychological activities like telepathy and mind reading.

Criss has certainly been well versed in these areas of psychology and takes his powers to the streets. Criss takes a shot at being a human lie detector, baffling the polygraph technicians, and later connects the private thoughts of two Playboy Bunnies. Criss astounds Flavor Flav when he predicts the time of his famous clock necklace and freaks out Jaime Kennedy as he mysteriously pulls thoughts out of Jaime's mind. Using the principle of mind over matter, this truly remar kable demonstration will be followed by Criss demonstrating the unprecedented feat of teleporting a group of people from one elevator to another in one single continuous camera shot.

55 - Cement Block

Criss is placed in a see-through Plexiglas container that is then sealed in cement and hardened into a block. In front of thousands, Criss is lifted over five stories and given 24 hours to escape before the block crashes to earth. Criss also performs demonstrations on a construction site. He bends a giant nail, moves a hole in a washer, and does some amazing card tricks. Criss loses a bet to his bike shop friends and has to escape from a locked crate before being stabbed to death by giant forklifts.

56 - Mayhem in the Making

This episode will chronicle a day in the life of Criss Angel as he attempts to shoot an episode of MINDFREAK.

The viewer experiences the mayhem Criss encounters on a daily basis. Amateur magicians attempt to sway favor with Criss, showing him their acts and hoping to secure guest spots on an upcoming episode of MINDFREAK. Illusions include Criss turning credit cards to cash, appearing from a table in the middle of a busy restaurant, transforming one girl into another, and smashing a spectator's video camera then restoring it right before their eyes. The climax of this episode will be a MINDFREAK crew party, celebrating Criss' mom's recovery from heart surgery. However, unlike parties in the past, Criss shows up to his mother's room and no body is there. With a quick close and reopening of a door, Criss magically transforms the room from a desolate venue into the hottest party in Vegas!

57 - Screwed

Criss takes the most ordinary objects and makes them the center of the most amazing illusions.

He walks through the blades of a spinning fan, transforms a little girl into an adult woman and eats his pet mouse in front of a shocked Jaime Kennedy. In the final demonstration, barefoot Criss walks a path of razor-sharp, upright-standing screwdrivers in front of thousands of onlookers.

58 - Rollercoaster thru Criss

In front of the Luxor Hotel, Criss enables a random bystander to crawl 'through' his body.

In this episode, the viewer gets and insider’s look into Criss' suite and his model train collection. Criss breaks and restores a restaurant patron's necklace leading up to the finale where we find Criss tied to the tracks of a speeding roller coaster. Will he escape or will the coaster pass right through him?

59 - Fantasy

Criss will make a girl's dream come true as he magically changes her A-cup to a C-cup without any post-surgery recovery time. At the notorious Playboy Club, Criss predicts the mind of some Playboy Bunnies. Later, he finds himself at the Adult News Awards where he makes a woman's bra disappear with a single wave of the hand. Shot in "blurry vision" this episode will climax with Criss hypnotizing a mass crowd of people to remove their clothes in public. This will be one of the funniest and maybe most provocative feats ever shown on cable television.

60 - Thunderbirds

Criss visits Nellis AFB where he swallows a ring and produces it from his navel. Criss flies at Mach speed with the Air Force's elite Thunderbirds and makes six fighter jets appear from thin air on the runway. In this episode, we get an insider's look as Criss gets his new MINDFREAK III Chopper. Criss loses a friendly bet resulting in the guy's from Count's Kustoms piercing him with a forklift.

61 - The Loyal

Criss pays tribute to his fans by spending time with some of "The Loyal" -- his most fanatical supporters. Criss shocks some of his admirers by restoring a hole in a pair of jeans, reads "Loyal" letters and discuss some of the craziest things they've done to meet him. Criss reciprocates his appreciation when he hosts a Mindfreak style game show testing their knowledge of the series and sends a lucky winner on a trip to Barbados. The episode culminates when Angel makes a new car appear from thin air, giving it to one of his most "Loyal" fans.

62 - Seance

In this creepy episode, Criss attempts to bridge the world between the living and the dead and proves he can walk on the ceiling. In the Artisian Hotel that's rumored to be haunted, Criss interacts with the afterlife in front of a shocked group of observers and channels spirits to reveal private information about their lives. He uses a tambourine and a spirit bell to answer questions from beyond while strapped to a chair in plain view of observers as strange phenomena continue to manifest. Criss asks a spectator to think of a name and the spectator's name appears from underneath Criss's skin--written in blood.

63 - H2O Teleportation

Summer's here, so join Criss and the crew for a fun beach-filled day in Mexico. At a beach campfire, Criss casts shadows in impossible places. Criss establishes a psychic link with a dolphin, using the mammal to assist him in a card trick. He effortlessly links the beer can tabs of unsuspecting beach-goers and predicts a person¹s card using a sea-shell that hears more then just the ocean waves. Later, he magically trades earrings with a shocked bystander. Finally Criss vanishes from a yacht to instantly reappear on the beach in front of beachgoers.

64 - Mexico Barrel Escape

Inspired by those who attempted to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel, Criss is suspended hundreds of feet above the ocean in a barrel before being dropped. The barrel crashes to the sea. Will Criss survive? While walking on the beach Criss makes a sandcastle appear from thin air. He also becomes a psychic bartender when he makes drinks for people solely by reading their minds. That evening, we go with Criss VIP style on a crazy night out in one of Cancun's hottest clubs.

65 / 66 - Most Memorable Mindfreak Moments

Some of Criss' greatest illusions have been done with the help of some pretty famous people. Criss repays them all by counting down their favorite moments from past shows. Howie Mandell kicks off the episode while Dave Navarro reflects back to the time Criss walked on water. Tito Ortiz remembers Criss pulling a quarter out of his bleeding arm. Other famous faces include Dog the Bounty Hunter, Gene Simmons, Flavor Flav and Carrot Top. Many other unexpected guests make appearances.