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Criss Angel Mindfreak Season Four

Criss Angel Mindfreak Season Four

Other 'Mindfreak' Seasons

67/68 - Building Implosion Escape

Broadcast LIVE, Criss must escape from a building before it implodes into a pile of mass wreckage!!! From within a 9-story former hotel outside of Clearwater, Florida, Criss will attempt to escape a building that is loaded with explosives and set to detonate. He will invite bystanders present and walk them through the building about to be demolished and allow them to shackle, cuff, and leave him behind as they watch a live feed from a safe distance away. Criss must escape the bindings and any other obstacles and make it to the roof to a waiting helicopter before the entire building implodes.

69 - Skeptic

Placing several advertisements and postings seeking those who are skeptical of Criss's abilities, Criss invites these `skeptics' to be part of a deadly challenge. These `skeptics' get to lead a blindfolded Criss to four elevator doors, one of which hides an empty shaft. Using mentalism, Criss must predict which three of the four are safe to enter. If he is wrong, he will likely fall to his death.

Being easier to find fans than skeptics, Criss invites his most loyal fans to spend some time together. Skating with fans at an ice rink Criss has a fan remove a card, sign her name on it, shuffle it and put it back in the deck. The deck is spread onto the ice and the spectator's card is instantly revealed embedded in the ice! Later, at an autograph signing, Criss accidentally tears a fan's poster. With a swipe of his hand, he magically restores it to its original condition.

70 - Cremation

In a very somber setting Criss is laid to rest on a wooden slab. Spectators watch in horror as they see Criss cremated alive. In the past, you may have seen Criss walk through solid objects such as walls and windows. In this episode, Criss astonishes bystanders as he walks through a steel door. We also get an insider's peak at Criss' warehouse where an employee accidentally impales Criss with a forklift.

71 - Close Up

In this episode, Criss demonstrates the intricate and delicate art of close up magic as he stuns audiences. At the casino, even the eye in the sky security staff can't see the speed of his hands. In this entire episode, Criss demonstrates the art of close up magic. Experts discuss the history, the techniques, and the fun that goes with this magical genre.

72 - In Your Face

Criss receives a surprise visit from Playboy's, "The Girls Next Door." He invites them along and stuns them as he performs various unexplainable acts up-close and in your face.

73 - Tronik

Criss is a big kid at heart. As a child Criss loved toys and as an adult Criss still loves toys. In the spirit of this, Criss transforms a toy hummer into a real hummer. In various places around the Luxor Criss magically makes a child appear on an empty chair. In front of a group of kids, Criss draws a picture that comes to life. In front of a large crowd, Criss introduces two Cirque Du Soleil performers and transforms them into a giant. On a visit to his favorite toy store, Criss solves a Rubik's cube by throwing it up into the air. He then recreates a highlight of his former NY off-Broadway show where he builds a robot that suddenly comes to life.

74 - Silverton Final Attempt

Criss has always had bad luck when it comes to water stunts and last season he almost faced his doom when an underwater escape went wrong. Against all his fears & frustrations, Criss will now re-attempt to escape being chained in a locked box before drowning in front of hundreds of people. Witness Criss prepare for this stunt with a certified scuba diver. Error is not an option.

75 - 24-Hour Birthday Bash

Criss' is known for surprising 1,000s of people over four seasons of MINDFREAK. This time, Criss' crew and celebrity friends attempt to pull one over on Criss and throw a surprise party. With all of Criss' friends and family and guests flying in for the surprise, will it maintain a secret? We are invited behind closed doors to join the festivities for more than 24 hours! This fun filled episode will reveal many spectacular surprises including some never before seen magic & bloopers.

76 - Barrel Drop

Criss is handcuffed and placed in an 85-gallon drum, which is then secured in a wooden box and hoisted 100 feet above spectators. Once the box reaches its peak, the box is set to automatically release the barrel and contents, regardless if Criss has escaped or not. Criss must escape the handcuffs, barrel, and box before crashing to the ground.

77 - Nail Gun

You've seen Criss catch an arrow with his bare hands. In this episode, he attempts to catch a razor-sharp nail traveling at 1400 feet per second with his bare hands. Onlookers include Anthony Michael Hall. While giving a tour of Criss' secret warehouse, Criss uses a jigsaw to cut through a fan's arm. At a park, Criss' crew is late for a game of football so Criss makes two players appear from thin air. When the crew arrives, Criss makes a football levitate creating the perfect pass.

78 - Impenetrable

One of Criss' most memorable demonstrations was when he walked through a storefront window. Criss will now attempt to merge through metal. He will be locked in an oil drum with a heavy manhole cover placed on top. Another oil drum will be placed on top of the manhole and Criss will have to faze his body through the metal, out of the lower drum into the upper. And later, Criss' shows off his new H2 Hummer which shoots cards from the hood; setting up a spectacular card demonstration you're not going to want to miss. Mistakes could often lead to death. Criss attempts to catch an arrow again, only this time it's being shot from a crossbow at a much faster speed. The archer, is special guest Ted Nugent.

79/80 - Walk on Lake

Criss is famous for walking on water in a pool. In the Mindfreak style, Criss will now up the ante and attempt to walk on the world's largest manmade lake, Lake Mead. With the inability to shut down a federal park, it's a real example of, "What you see is what you get!" Criss will walk "on" and "out" more than 200 feet on the largest manmade lake in the world in front of unsuspecting bystanders and boaters.

81 - Premonition

In front of hundreds of fans, Criss makes a prediction and places it in a locked steel safe and invites his fans to the Mindfreak store where they randomly select items from within the store. When the safe is unlocked, an identical object is found within the safe. Later, Criss invites a large crowd to watch as he is able to move things with his mind in the middle of the Luxor lobby. The episode concludes with Angel demonstrating his ability to connect with people. Breaking the fourth wall, Criss transfers his energy through the TV screen to millions of viewers at home.

82 - Billionaire Prediction

Criss describes unknown personal details and predicts events before they take place with billionaire Sir Richard Branson. Later Criss reads a list of items and attempts to predict what viewers at home are going to personally pick. Actor Wilmer Valderrama performs a card trick he learned from Criss Angel's Master Mindfreak and then reveals how it's done.

83 - Mindfreaking with the Stars

With Criss' help, Ted Nugent, Elvis Costello, Carrot Top and Anthony Michael Hall all learn the art of MINDFREAK and perform for their fans. Then, at an event in Los Angeles, Criss runs into his good friend Gene Simmons, where a million dollar bet transpires.

84/85 - Car Wreck Vanish

Criss performs his amazing feats when he joins his friend Sully of the band "Godsmack" for a wild road trip. First, after Sully locks himself in a cab, Criss gets on top of the cab, and then suddenly appears inside. Next, stopping by an antique store, Sully admires a radio, but not for long. Criss makes it vanish. Then, in the middle of the desert, the two come across a little bar where Criss has a patron select and sign a card that disappears and reappears on the blade of a spinning ceiling fan. Criss later meets up with pro-wrestler Kurt Angle and is handcuffed inside a car that's filled with explosives and racing downhill toward a cliff. Will Criss escape in time--or will this road trip end with Criss becoming road kill?

86 - Spirits of New Orleans

Criss visits New Orleans and trances bystanders utilizing the mysticism & culture of the city. On a tour of the outskirts, Criss pulls up to a girl hitchhiking who disappear's from the side of the road and instantly reappears in Criss' car. On a stormy night in a Voodoo shop, Criss has a spectator select a word in a book and he predicts that word by writing it on her arm. Stopping by local restaurants Criss makes a girls' ring disappear and reappear in the salt shaker across the table and transforms rice in a bowl into a variety of items.

87 - Escape over Bourbon Street

Acknowledging the devastation from Katrina and admiring the city's ability to overcome such travesty, Criss decides to bring the town together to witness as he attempts to break another record. With thousands on Bourbon Street, Criss is secured in two straight jackets, shackled, and hung upside down above the crowd before attempting to escape. We continue follow Criss and his team as they enjoy New Orleans. Performing various feats along the way, we follow as Criss enjoys local cuisine, visits local favorites including historic buildings, a casino, and much more.