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August 16, 2022

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Letter to the editor:

Protest being held where the power is

It has been interesting to read all the letters and comments about the Occupy Wall Street movement in the Sun and nationally. It seems everybody has a different take on what the protest is all about. Many people think the protesters are misguided and we should be protesting against Congress instead. But my take on the movement is that the protesters are not protesting Wall Street as an entity, but rather as a symbol.

Wall Street has become the symbol for money, and money is the source of power. Although it might appear that the OWS movement does not have a cohesive message, the one common thread of the complaints voiced is the power that money has given certain individuals and corporations over Congress.

We the people do not control Congress anymore. We only think we do. We believe we can get rid of members of Congress who bow to individuals and corporations that buy power with their money. But the fact is that in any given election, both Democrat and Republican candidates rely on this money to get elected. So, for those of you who believe we should be protesting Congress for what is wrong in this country, save your breath. They have no power (or will) to change anything. It is Wall Street and the money it represents that has the real power to change things in America.

So if you want to have a voice in making political decisions in this country, you have to Occupy Wall Street.

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