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August 16, 2018

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Letters to the Editor

Drive like your life depends on it
Aug. 16, 2018
The New York Times reports that 100 people in America will die in traffic today (and every day). You can bet that some of them will …
Nuclear waste belongs here
Aug. 16, 2018
It’s irresponsible of Nevada to wash its hands of a nuclear legacy it helped build. It has to this day reaped the benefits of nuclear weapons and energy development. To claim no obligation to store nuclear waste after decades of enabling and creating it brings …
Tired of both sides of the aisle
Aug. 16, 2018
I am perplexed with the GOP, and especially with President Donald Trump. He is great for the economy and many other things, but I cannot …
Applause for truthful media
Aug. 16, 2018
I want to thank Brian Greenspun for his timely and appropriate July 22 column “Is Trump a Traitor?” Candor is appreciated in a time when too many people …
Xenophobia not what unites us
Aug. 14, 2018
In the Aug. 5 letter “Empathy for Americans,” the writer argued that immigrants come …
Water pumping scheme is a scam
Aug. 14, 2018
If the idea is to save up more water as an energy source when there is excess power, why not just …
Boomers were raised well
Aug. 14, 2018
I am a female baby boomer who served 15 years active duty in the United States Marine Corps during …
Laxalt’s opinions not consistent
Aug. 13, 2018
Is this trying to have his cake and eat it too? Or is this simply amorality?
Reunification of families is complicated
Aug. 13, 2018
Should we blindly turn those children over if there is a question about their safety?
Nevadans in Congress take monumental legislative step
Aug. 13, 2018
I want to express my gratitude and support to Nevada Reps. Dina Titus, Jacky Rosen and Ruben Kihuen, who joined 59 other legislators to co-sponsor HR6410, the America’s Natural Treasures of Immeasurable Quality Unite, Inspire, and Together Improve the Economies of States Act of 2018.
Court picks sell out our ideals
Aug. 12, 2018
President Donald Trump’s picks for the Supreme Court are vetted for their Republican politics, religion and youth, not for the Constitution and justice for all citizens.
The gaslighting of Americans
Aug. 12, 2018
The magazine Psychology Today published an article listing the hallmarks of what is known in mental health circles as gaslighting.
Trump team divides the U.S.
Aug. 12, 2018
We are living in a world of hate, confusion and division.
Trickle-down doesn’t work
Aug. 11, 2018
A successful, vibrant economy does not “trickle down,” it percolates up.
Abortion isn’t a right; privacy is
Aug. 11, 2018
There is no explicit right to an abortion spelled out in the Constitution, and never has been.

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