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December 13, 2018

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Letters to the Editor

Wheeler should not be confirmed
Dec. 13, 2018
Last year, Andrew Wheeler said he believed man has an impact on climate change, but “what’s not completely understood is …
Hard work will lift the Knights
Dec. 13, 2018
The Dec. 4 game between the Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals was not about payback. When you lose in the Stanley Cup Final, the only possible redemption is to …
Trump deserves more credit
Dec. 13, 2018
Instead of the too often repeated line, mainly by Democrats, that “we really need to get this country back on track,” I say this country is …
How far the GOP has fallen
Dec. 12, 2018
At one time, it was a point of pride to have an R behind your name as a Republican. It must be sad to find out that R now stands for …
Too much asked of teachers
Dec. 12, 2018
In America, it’s never been enough to teach children. Teachers have to be counselors, motivational speakers, advisers, mediators, abuse detectors, leaders, entertainers, disciplinarians, paper pushers, standardized test protectors and …
Fox News is just a cheerleader
Dec. 12, 2018
Isn’t it ironic that acting in a fair and balanced manner, your newspaper would print the Dec. 5 letter “Lay off of Fox News,” in which the writer criticized your Nov. 30 editorial, stated that Fox News offers sanity and cogent coverage regarding the Trump administration, and that NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN provide only …
Trump’s golf costs exaggerated
Dec. 12, 2018
The Washington Post’s fact checker gave 3 (out of 4) Pinocchios to the claim that President Donald Trump’s golf outings cost taxpayers more than …
EPA boss must be pro-environment
Dec. 11, 2018
Andrew Wheeler was hired as deputy administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency just before Scott Pruitt resigned amid 14 counts of fraud and misuse of public funds. Wheeler has been …
What about CNN’s Brazile?
Dec. 11, 2018
Did the Sun express outrage about CNN’s Donna Brazile giving Hillary Clinton questions in advance of a debate, as it did in its Nov. 30 editorial, “Fox News …
Accountability is crucial
Dec. 11, 2018
Recently, there have been ongoing debates about the public records requests processed at …
Worried about a second term
Dec. 11, 2018
Historically, a term-limited president takes actions that would not be considered appropriate if he were seeking re-election. If President Donald Trump runs and is re-elected in 2020, I caution all to see …
Kiss Trump’s ring — or else
Dec. 9, 2018
I praise and admire Republican Congresswoman Mia Love’s accomplishments and the good she’s done. However, let all Republicans realize that loyalty to Donald Trump is the …
DHS targets immigrants
Dec. 9, 2018
On Sept. 22, the Department of Homeland Security proposed to change a law that has worked for over 100 years — the public charge. This proposed change will …
Two pictures of patriotism
Dec. 9, 2018
Laura Bush is a first-class lady. I can just imagine what she may have been thinking when …
Reverse logic in play
Dec. 9, 2018
It has become more and more obvious that if President Donald Trump says you are lying you are telling the truth, and if he supports you and praises you, you …

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