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October 18, 2019

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Letters to the Editor

Kurds not our responsibility
Oct. 18, 2019
In the Oct. 16 letter “We are enabling another genocide,” the writer says she is a third-generation Armenian-American. I am a 91-year-old second-generation Armenian-American whose father was …
Even presidents subject to law
Oct. 18, 2019
President Donald Trump doesn’t think he’s accountable to anyone. In court, his lawyers argue that only Congress — not prosecutors — can hold the president accountable to the rule of law. But when Congress tried to do just that, the White House …
New campaign slogan: MIGA
Oct. 18, 2019
President Donald Trump is …
Horses’ fate best left up to nature
Oct. 18, 2019
Exactly what plan does Congress have for “fixing” the wild horse issue other than …
Turkey decision stains presidency
Oct. 16, 2019
No matter what he says or does next, President Donald Trump made a deep and painful mistake when he …
We are enabling another genocide
Oct. 16, 2019
As a third-generation Armenian-American, whose ancestors fled their ancient homeland in the 1890s during the Ottoman Empire, I fear and tremble at …
People can’t stop nuclear progress
Oct. 16, 2019
Some letter writers are stuck in the past; nuclear energy is the way of the future. Nothing can stop …
GOP has lost its respectability
Oct. 15, 2019
In the Trump era respectable Republicans are nearly extinct. The party that used to speak of fiscal responsibility — but which never seemed to practice it — has totally abandoned even a façade of …
Medicare for All helps workers
Oct. 15, 2019
Joe Biden and others argue that National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA) would hurt unions. They say workers don’t want to …
Trump is part of a tyrannical flock
Oct. 14, 2019
Kim Jong Un, Mohammed bin Salman, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Vladimir Putin: What do all of these leaders have in common?
Our president has no respect for people's lives
Oct. 14, 2019
When President Donald Trump tried to take away Obamacare, he was told millions of people would be without health insurance and, as a result, many would die. He didn’t care. In his reality, they are just numbers on a paper.
Solar power is for everyone
Oct. 14, 2019
Nevada is making major strides to encourage the production and use of new clean energy technologies.
Nixon is no longer the worst
Oct. 13, 2019
Let us harken back to former President Richard Nixon’s career to exhume corollaries between he and President Donald Trump.
Trump wants to be a dictator
Oct. 13, 2019
President Donald Trump’s legal team has made the following claim referring to presidential immunity: “While in office, (the president) enjoys absolute immunity from criminal process of any kind,” spanning “every phase of criminal proceedings, including investigations, grand jury proceedings and subpoenas, indictment, prosecution, arrest, trial conviction and incarceration.”
Threats are how Trump deals
Oct. 12, 2019
I keep remembering President Donald Trump’s boast that he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and not lose a single vote.

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