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January 18, 2017

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Letters to the Editor

Finland plan may be problematic
Jan. 17, 2017
found the concept of Finland giving money to its citizens interesting (“Finland experimenting with universal basic income,” Las Vegas Sun, Jan. 3), but I have …
Officials worked hard for Nevadans
Jan. 17, 2017
The Gold Butte region is home to a pristine desert landscape with rugged mountains and canyons, Joshua trees, prehistoric fossils, majestic wildlife and an abundant …
Trump should not be president
Jan. 17, 2017
All the facts have been established by our intelligence agencies, and they prove that Russian agents hacked our democratic election process. Donald Trump encouraged this hacking by blatantly requesting that …
Trump’s ego is running the show
Jan. 16, 2017
His ego is running the most powerful machine in the world and has all U.S. assets at its disposal. Trump is not a successful businessman, he’s a successful con man. He has caused thousands of people who trusted him and did business with him to lose a lot of money. ...
Cybersecurity a major concern
Jan. 16, 2017
Populations en masse can be immobilized and rendered paralyzed. They can be starved of their capacity to produce the stream of life-sustaining energy and other resources needed for survival. For this reason, contra cyberwar technology is not only urgently required, but America must see living proof of this fact. ...
Israel needs American support
Jan. 16, 2017
Israel continues to stand ready at all times to negotiate a two-state peace agreement with Palestine in spite of the fact that the little sovereignty they have is divided between Hamas and Fatah, both terrorist organizations committed to destroying Israel. ...
Once hidden gem, now monument
Jan. 12, 2017
Native American tribes enjoyed the rock features, the resources and the location of Gold Butte long before modern Nevadans. One of the best things about Gold Butte is the feeling of being transported back in time, sitting in a shady spot admiring the rock art. ...
Remember Clinton, improve elections
Jan. 11, 2017
Trump’s actions must make China nervous when he demanded they return our drone — two days after they had returned it. Then he tweeted about adding more nuclear weapons. That’s crazy! He tweets at night, and his staff has to spend the next day “explaining” what he meant. Mitt Romney was right when he said Trump was a phony, a fraud and a con man. ...
Heller should support economy
Jan. 11, 2017
It is disappointing, however, to read that Sen. Dean Heller still opposes protections for this area. Maybe he wants to build a big industrial park out there, but I and 71 percent of Nevadans would rather see it used for recreation and for the protection of historical sites, be they Native American, mining or ranching sites. ...
Electoral College is damaging US
Jan. 11, 2017
Foreigners who have been following our election are incredulous. How, they ask, can a presidential hopeful win the popular vote (the people’s choice) and be denied the presidency? ...
Sen. Heller, say no to ACA repeal
Jan. 10, 2017
One of Congress’ first orders of business in 2017 is an attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the landmark health insurance program that has provided enormous benefits for millions of women. As an OB-GYN, I am calling on Sen. Dean Heller to take it from me …
Gold Butte’s beauty preserved
Jan. 10, 2017
Our natural treasures make me proud to be an American, and Gold Butte’s unparalleled solitude, beauty and cultural significance are no exception. Its protection marks the continuation of a …
Trump is not the president just yet
Jan. 6, 2017
It seems a man-child who thinks he has all the answers and fixes for the world’s problems can just send out unedited stuff now. We have been blessed with a great repairer and swamp cleaner, and that has made even the stock market go nuts ...
Dems support Trump? Why?
Jan. 5, 2017
I heard nothing but contempt and whining for these eight years. Even the Republicans in Congress refused to support him, with Mitch McConnell, their Senate majority leader, declaring his intention to make Obama a one-term president and another yelling out, “You lie!” while Obama gave a speech. ...
Electoral College is worthless
Jan. 5, 2017
Who benefits from the electoral vote process? First, the candidates. The moment they realize they will carry the electoral votes by carrying a state’s popular vote, they stop spending and showing up. They work and spend in the “battleground states.” ...

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