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October 20, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Define ‘fair share,’ then we’ll pay it

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The Aug. 17 letter to the editor “Nation functions when taxes paid” left me a little confused as to what the writer’s message was. I agree the federal government needs taxes to function in important areas like national defense, which benefit us all. I have doubts about other areas of spending that do not benefit all.

The author mentions paying one’s “fair share” to support the federal government. Who is he talking about? I assumed he meant the nearly 50 percent who pay no federal income taxes, but later he speaks of a plutocracy which makes me think he means the multimillionaires in government. Who?

Finally, what’s a “fair share?” Everybody, the president included, seems to use the term freely, but nobody defines it. Let’s hear specifics. Maybe then things will be clearer.

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