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November 21, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Tax cuts argument is inconsistent

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Would some Democrat enlighten me on a few things? The vast majority of the “Bush tax cuts” went to the middle and lower classes — if you don’t believe me, look it up. If the tax cuts for the “rich” didn’t stimulate the economy, would it be safe to say the tax cuts for the middle class and the poor didn’t either? If those tax cuts were responsible for the majority of our debt, as some say, why not let all of them expire?

Democrats also tell us we are the only Western democracy without universal health care. I’ll give you that, but we also have the most progressive tax system of them all — again, look it up. Not one of the enlightened socialist democracies of Europe allows 47 percent of its citizens to go without paying income taxes. I know the Democratic argument: the poor still pay payroll taxes. Again I’ll give you that, but all payroll taxes except Medicaid are insurance policies for the aged; they don’t pay for our military, infrastructure, education, foreign aid, unemployment compensation, the GM and Chrysler bailouts, the bank bailouts, government salaries or any of the other things the federal government spends our money on.

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