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December 15, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Civilized societies regulate guns

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When will this madness stop? It is not just the National Rifle Association, although the group is certainly a major part of the problem. The minute someone of authority advocates sensible gun laws and the outlawing of automatic weapons and clips that can hold up to 90 rounds of ammunition, the pro-gun advocates like Robert Witcher immediately think the government is trying to take all their guns away and “only the bad guys will have guns.” (See Witcher’s letter, “It’s a mistake to disarm good guys.”)

When the Second Amendment was added to our Constitution, I’m quite certain our forefathers did not envision automatic weapons that are only designed to kill other people. I am totally not against the right of any qualified person to own a gun for protection, hunting or just target practice. This is every American’s right. However, lately this country is becoming a nation of hatred and violence. Many video games are so violent, young people become immune to the senseless slaughter.

Gun laws must be strengthened and gun shows should not be excluded from taking background checks on buyers. Every gun show should have someone from the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives on the premises to ensure these background checks are legitimate.

No other civilized country in the world comes close to the number of violent gun deaths that occur in this country in a year. Of course, no laws can guarantee there will never be anymore gun violence, but maybe they at least cut down on this senseless slaughter.

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