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January 16, 2018

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‘Predictable partisan accusations’

Elizabeth Crum’s take on Campaign 2012

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Elizabeth Crum

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A Q+A with: Elizabeth Crum

Editor, Nevada News Bureau, co-host of "The Agenda" on KSNV-TV Channel 3, and indie political blogger. On Twitter: @elizcrum. Online: 

What trends have you seen during this election?

The rise of super PACs. Renewed culture wars (both real and manufactured) over women’s health care issues. Class warfare (both subtle and overt). Predictable partisan accusations of media and pollster bias when facts don’t fit the preferred narrative.

Any trends you are pleased with or worried about?

I am disturbed by the recent insertion of the phrases “economic nationalism” and “new economic patriotism” into the national dialogue by some Democrats, including the president. I don’t think people should wrap their ideology and/or agenda in the American flag and intimate that those who disagree with them are not patriots. In recent election cycles, it’s been the Republicans who have most often engaged in this kind of nonsense, but that does not excuse the left from doing it now.

Any Nevada-specific trends?

The state and Clark County Republican parties got even more dysfunctional to the point of being essentially defunct while the Democrats (again) showed their prowess at raising money and registering voters. Candidates tripped over themselves to pander to Hispanic voters, seniors and veterans groups. Some GOP state Senate candidates adopted centrist positions as they sought to overcome the Democratic voter registration advantage in their districts.

How would you tag this election on a blog?

Bain. Solyndra. Debt. Deficit. Spending. Subsidies. Arithmetic. Class warfare. Culture wars. China. Outsourcing. Nuclear Iran.

Best thing(s) you’ve seen this election?

I thought Team Obama’s satirical ad about Big Bird and Sesame Street being a bigger threat than Wall Street was hilarious. Most Republicans didn’t like it much, but if Romney didn’t want to be mocked, he probably should have picked cuts to something other than PBS (which takes up less than 0.012 percent of the federal budget).

Worst thing(s) you’ve seen?

Lack of truth in advertising. A Democratic super PAC ad featuring a widower accusing Romney/Bain of causing his wife’s death. Both campaigns railing against “outsourcing” while leaving out important/redeeming details. Team Romney ads taking Obama remarks out of context (“you didn’t build that” and “don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas”).

Anything else notable/memorable for you this election?

Hyper-partisans losing their minds in the final weeks. It happens every cycle, but it always amazes me.

Campaign cliché(s) that need to be retired?

“Forward.” The standalone term means nothing. Going forward can move you onward and upward or catapult you off a tall cliff. Also “the War on Women.” We should be able to debate differences on taxpayer-funded abortions and various health care mandates without without framing them as political violence against the fairer sex.

Any surprises you’ve seen so far? Any potential upsets or surprises you see on Election Day?

Nothing surprises me anymore. I’m picking Steven Horsford to defeat Danny Tarkanian by a hair in the Congressional District 4 race, all polls to the contrary. And I may have been wrong when I predicted (in January) that the Republicans would not win control of the state Senate.

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