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January 16, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

Electoral College a scam from the start

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Regarding Joshua Spivak’s recent column, “Founders’ choice: the Electoral College”:

The Electoral College was invented to shift the focus from the citizens’ direct popular vote and to conceal an unbridled intention by the Founders to keep power and control. The proposal that the people elect the president directly was soundly rejected by the Founding Fathers, who were in favor of indirect popular election. They wanted to attempt to control the presidency through political manipulation.

One argument against scrapping the Electoral College at the time of its inception was that direct election might encourage third and fourth parties to rise up. Obviously, those people are proponents of power and control. Direct democracy (pure democracy) was our screaming eagle. It was denounced by the Founders as “mob rule.”

The elector system was drawn up behind closed doors and rubber-stamped by a special hand-picked committee, which represented only 12 colonial states, since people in Rhode Island refused to participate in the scam. We were not truly represented in 1787, and today we are not in the least sense represented through transparency.

In essence, the Founders sabotaged the popular direct democratic vote. The 2000 Bush/Gore election and previous elections have proved that the Electoral College is a formality, based upon an election “grab,” as long as you have the Supreme Court majority.

It is time to abolish the Electoral College and put term limits on the autocratic thinkers, who created the biggest financial mess this country has ever seen.

Forget the liberalism, forget the conservatism, let’s get back to real Americanism or equality under the laws of the republic it was intended to be.

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