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November 22, 2017

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Pandering is a Romney strength

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Are you tired, feeling run down, pandered to? Need a cure? Then please take two aspirin and plan to wake up after the presidential election.

When it comes to panhandling for votes, especially from the now-disenfranchised 47 percent of Americans, you won’t find a more accomplished panderer than Mitt Romney. Which Mitt Romney is running for office? If you like Barack Obama, then hey, vote for Romney. They are both the same; or then again, maybe not.

Well, for heaven’s sake, vote — at least pick one of the three candidates, Obama the Democrat, Romney the Democrat or Romney the Republican. As one pundit said after the presidential debate, “Romney is offering everyone a hot fudge sundae diet.” Fat chance this will work. It’s just his ploy to get votes.

The Romney economic plan is so good that, just like his taxes, he doesn’t want to share it with the middle class. Really? If elected, he wants to drop some incredible, most likely copyrighted, plan on Congress and for all Americans to see at Christmas.

Congress gets to write all the federal laws, not the president. Romney’s approach harkens back to the days of yore when Republican President Herbert Hoover gave us a chicken in every pot. Unfortunately, during the Great Depression that Hoover initiated, he didn’t provide citizens with any pots. So it is with Romney.

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