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August 18, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Why stop with people on welfare?

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Wow, regarding the letter “Welfare recipients shouldn’t vote,” I think the writer is on to something. People on welfare should not have the right to vote because they will only vote for the candidate who will provide them with more welfare.

It can be taken even further by including people on Social Security, active military and veterans, because, you know, they’ll only want more freebies. And how about politicians who accept matching funds, union members, public servants, all government workers and employees of corporations that receive tax breaks?

I think we can even go further: people who use the Postal Service, drive on government-maintained roads, fly, drink municipal water or use a municipal sewage treatment plant. I think we could carry this to the point that we could do away with the Electoral College so that one totally independent, built-it-all-themselves person from each state would vote to decide all national elections. Problem solved.

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