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November 20, 2017

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‘Tweak’ won’t fix Social Security

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A letter by Janice Herr on Friday, Opponents mislabel Social Security," said Social Security needs only a little tweaking to be good for the next 75 years. Oh really, just “a little tweaking?”

First of all, you can’t say it’s taking in as much as it’s paying out. If that were true, why would it need tweaking at all?

The problem is that the Social Security taxes go into the general fund, and the government spends the money as fast as it gets it. Then, the feds replace what they borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund with IOUs. Can you see the problem here? Now we’re running trillion-dollar deficits every year, the national debt is over $16 trillion, and we are paying more than $433 billion each year just in interest on our national debt.

If the conservative Republicans can’t fix this mess, you won’t have to worry about our children and grandchildren getting benefits when they get to old age because we won’t have a country in which they can reach old age.

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