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January 21, 2018

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Voting guaranteed under Constitution

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I had to read Bob Valentine’s letter, “Welfare recipients shouldn’t vote,” twice before I realized he is serious in his contention that people receiving public assistance should lose their right to vote.

Let’s take his idea to the next level and require these “parasites” wear a scarlet “W” on their clothing so everyone knows who they are. Also, since they don’t pay property taxes, their kids shouldn’t be allowed to attend public schools. Let them fend for themselves.

Apparently, people who receive assistance from the government aren’t smart enough to vote on issues, as according to Valentine, “Those kinds of voters are likely to vote for candidates based on looks or feelings and not on the issues.” How insulting.

I can only surmise that Valentine would include unemployed people, seniors receiving Social Security, military veterans attending school on the GI Bill, students relying on Pell Grants and other government-guaranteed loans, and disabled people who receive government assistance.

Voting is a right guaranteed under our Constitution, and regardless of what he and others might believe, it is a right that cannot be suspended simply because of a citizen’s financial status or because of how they might vote for.

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