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October 17, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Republicans need to do ‘inreach’

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The Republican National Committee will spend $10 million on an “outreach” effort to better communicate conservative principles. There is no intent to actually change any of those principles or the policies that flow from the RNC. It will merely repackage them more attractively for sale. The RNC will pay people in black, Asian and Hispanic communities to talk about the GOP to woo some of these minority voters. There was no mention of an outreach to gays or women.

“Wooing” Asians, blacks and Hispanics with words is called “pandering.” Even the occasional deed, such as proposing and sometimes actually voting for a bill that helps minorities, is pandering. Until red-state voters stop electing people who disdain minorities, they stand no chance of attracting them since it’s just so apparent that those people look down on them. In the meantime, that miserly $10 million would be better spent on “inreach.” Conservative legislators need regular attitude adjustment sessions.

Sadly, however, it does seem that for the near future at least, the GOP will continue striving very hard to remain, as Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal put it, “The Party of Stupid.”

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