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October 17, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Our leaders are ruining America

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I am so disappointed in our Congress. There was a time that the nation was admired by the rest of the world and people wanted to come here to live.

Today I am ashamed of our leaders. It seems they have forgotten why they were chosen to lead this country. They are not interested in the people they are suppose to be leading. They should be able to serve only two terms just like the president. And they should have the same Social Security and Medicare as the people they represent.

After their time in office, they get a huge retirement and security the rest of their lives, including their families. They have long vacations and free transportation. They complain because we, the people they represent, are getting too much pay and are taxed too little while they sit in their ivory towers in Washington and vacation in mansions in their home states.

There are so many homeless and unemployed, but they don’t seem to find a way to end it. Stop the companies from outscourcing, bring back “Made in America” and put our people back to work.

Most members of Congress are rich and don’t really know what it is to be homeless. Go to your home states and go to the food kitchens and say, “but for the grace of God, there go I.”

Bring our soldiers home and put them on our borders to keep out illegal drugs. When we have disasters, no one comes to help, financially or bodily. It is time we, the Americans, take back our country.

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