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October 16, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

States’ rights are intrusive, divisive

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What part of our government is really intrusive? Why do we have the states’ rights provision? There are 50 autonomous states of America with liberty and justice for all.

The Republicans are viewed as being all about states’ rights, at least when it suits their purpose. But then who champions the rights of all Americans?

What I see in states’ rights is a growing abuse of power. The rights of an American citizen in one state may be different in another.

One only needs to consider such broad rights issues as unionization, marriage, Medicaid privileges, unemployment benefits, gun control, women’s reproductive rights, welfare benefits and educational opportunities.

So are we dealing with rights or prohibitions? It seems to me that states’ rights issues are more intrusive and divisive than ever, less about rights and more about skirting the application of uniform benefits and opportunity for all Americans. Today it’s “one for all and none for some,” depending upon your view of your rights.

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