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May 21, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Obamacare and a tainted legacy

Let’s see, President Barack Obama didn’t know anything about his own Department of Justice’s gunrunning Fast and Furious scandal until after it happened. Same thing for the domestic National Security Agency spying scandal.

Ditto for the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservatives and the leaking of private tax information to his own campaign handlers.

The deaths of four Americans in Benghazi? Resting up for his fundraiser to Las Vegas. The $500 million Solyndra bankruptcy? Department of Commerce’s fault. Bugging the cellphones of the heads of state of our allies? He’ll “find out and get to the bottom of it.” Unrest in Egypt, Libya and Syria? Didn’t see those coming.

And now, here we go again. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is now running cover for Obama by saying that the president knew nothing ahead of time about the obvious computer shortfalls associated with the disastrous rollout of Obamacare.

Obamacare is supposed to be the president’s signature legislation that will define his legacy. During the recent government shutdown, he made no bones whatsoever about the fact that he would never yield to eliminating or delaying the ACA rollout.

As Vice President Joe Biden said in an open mic, “This is a big (expletive) deal.” And now we’re supposed to believe that Obama knew nothing about potential problems with its rollout?

He was that detached and functionally isolated from his legacy? And the dog ate my homework.

This man is incapable of accepting blame for anything, will lie as necessary to deflect any personal criticism, and has surrounded himself with advisers who are either just as untruthful or totally incompetent.

If Obama is truly that detached from the workings of Obamacare and it somehow becomes a success, how then, can he claim credit for it as his personal shining legacy? A legacy he apparently has no knowledge of or nothing to do with?

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