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January 21, 2018

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letter to the editor:

Not all jobless are seeking a handout

I have read several columnists and letters to the editor from conservatives opposing extending unemployment benefits to millions of Americans still unable to find a job.

They reason that after all this time, there is no reason why the unemployed have been unable to find work and are just looking for a handout from the government.

It is my understanding that to receive the compensation, you must show that you have been actively seeking employment.

Now I am not that naive that I don’t know there are a few who are looking for a handout, but I am also certain that the vast majority of these people need this money just to survive and would certainly prefer to work if they could.

These same pundits and letter writers are also opposed to increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 so that those who have a full time job can take home a living wage and not have to live below the poverty level.

Every time a minimum wage increase is proposed, they bring up that old saw horse that increasing the minimum wage will create more unemployment and prices will rise. This has been proved time and again to be blatantly false.

People with more money in their pockets will be in a position to spend that much more, and sales will increase. This is the real trickle-down economics.

It is great that the majority opposed to these measures are gainfully employed and they need not worry about extending these benefits. I hope they never have to be in the circumstance. But at least have some compassion for your fellow Americans and urge Congress to pass these measures.

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