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September 19, 2017

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letter to the editor:

Evolution can’t explain start of life

I always enjoy opinions from those who espouse the theory of evolution as fact. They are most entertaining. The latest is from Ann McFeatters. McFeatters clutches to the theory that man evolved from ape as Charles Darwin theorized. Like most evolutionists, McFeatters always fails to answer one very basic question: If man evolved from ape, where did the ape come from?

Evolutionists will tell you apes evolved from a lower species, and then that animal, whatever it was, evolved from an even lower species and so on, right down to a one-cell creature.

Sound right? But here is the one thing no evolutionist can ever truly explain: How did life actually begin? If I understand it right, a giant explosion in space sent a rock spinning; it landed into perfect orbit with the sun and an atmosphere mysteriously developed that would sustain life, and from that atmosphere two substances found each other and sprang to life and all of the “flora and fauna” that Bill Nye wonders about began. Wow, now that’s faith!

There is a ton of evidence that supports creation. Creation can actually explain how life came to be, unlike evolution. It is not that the evidence does not exist; it is simply that people such as Mc­Featters refuse to acknowledge the real evidence, and when the mere mention of it is brought up in a school, evolutionists tend to lose their “overwhelming scientific evidence of evolution” and cling to “separation of church and state.” This is clear evidence that evolutionists do not know what they are talking about.

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