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September 19, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

GOP is a party in disarray right now

The Republican Party and Tea Partyers have no common sense, and their leaders listen only to those who are financially backing their campaigns. Everyone knows when the economy is down, government spending is up. We went into two wars without any funding, and that’s what caused the debt. Before Obamacare, 80 percent of bankruptcies were caused by medical bills.

Because of the Bush adminstration and trickle-down economics, CEOs are making $900 an hour while their workers are making poverty wages.

Instead of passing any job bills, the House spends its time voting repeatedly to repeal Obamacare and to stop anyone from being nominated to certain positions. It’s done nothing about immigration or gun control, and its members complain about our troops pulling out of a war that we aren’t winning. They won’t let our president get rid of Guantanamo Bay, which is also costing us $1 million a month. They won’t pass a farm bill. The only reason the recent budget passed is because the GOP, especially Sen. Mitch McConnell, is down in the polls. Will they get it together? No.

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