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December 1, 2022

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Letter to the editor:

What does GOP have to offer?

As reported by Forbes, Fortune and Fox Business News, the economy is better when Democrats are in the White House. Yet, pundits and politicians on the right say an economy run by Republicans would be better. We always hear tax cuts for the wealthy create jobs, but every time the government cut taxes, the wealthy got wealthier and the economy just got worse.

I think Republicans should win both houses of Congress and the White House. Only then will those who consistently vote on the right understand the error of their misguided beliefs. When the ideology proposed by radical ultraconservatives and the religious right stifle social growth and take us to another Great Depression, what then? Other than social Darwinism, failed economic policies and fear of the unknown, what does the Republican/Tea Party offer?

I believe with Republicans in control we will invade other nations, put more boots on the ground, spend more on military defense, contract for more antiquated armaments and strip social programs to do so. The middle and working classes have been taking a beating for 35 years, so why not do away with them altogether? Why not have millions more underpaid with low wages, removing the support of health care, food stamps and housing subsidies? Minimum wages will be the norm and Social Security, the Veterans Administration, public education and prisons will all be privatized.

Why not return to the days of the Gilded Age when the very wealthy ruled, income disparity loomed, unions were nonexistent and people relied on the company store? How many right-wing voters will be satisfied with their government then?

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