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January 23, 2018

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letter to the editor:

Passing more laws isn’t the answer

In the Aug. 24 letter “Will NRA back this plan?” responding to Nicholas Kristof’s comment comparing gun and auto deaths, the writer states “at least auto operators must have insurance to protect second and third parties.”

I acknowledge this is the law, but when was the last time anyone had an accident where the at-fault party actually had insurance?

I have been involved in two accidents in the past five years. In one instance, my auto was parked and a hit-and-run driver (drive-by shooting) caused in excess of $5,000 of damage before fleeing. In the other instance, a driver ran a red light and struck my car. The auto owner permitted a third party to drive his vehicle, which invalidated his insurance coverage.

My auto insurance paid in both accidents, and I was the victim!

Thus, the writer’s proposal would, once again, increase the costs for responsible, law-abiding citizens with little to no impact on those who thumb their nose at the law. Passing laws will not change irresponsible behavior.

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