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October 19, 2018

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Dash of Hannity thickens the plot

The Don is fuming over the government raid on his concigliere’s office. This is what we get for electing the CEO of the Trump Organization. President Donald Trump now has deeper concerns about what may be revealed about his business activities prior to his election.

Now we hear that Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has claimed Fox News host Sean Hannity as a client. Cohen was reluctant to name Hannity in court. Meanwhile, Hannity was trying to minimize his relationship with Cohen while still trying to claim attorney-client privilege.

Cohen appeared on Hannity’s show 5 times in 2017 and no mention was ever made of their secret legal association.

Of additional interest regarding journalistic ethics, Hannity secretly employed two Trump lawyers to represent him. Hannity continually projects those types of double standards on people he attacks on his show. Reputations are affected by the company you keep, and secrets, too.