Las Vegas Sun

May 21, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

This president is unprecedented

President Donald Trump boasts about how much more he has done than any other president. It has been reported that he has lied or made misleading statements 4,271 times in 497 days. Yes, that is more than any other politician. The majority of Americans believe that character, integrity and truth matter.

Trump has told people not to believe what they are seeing and hearing. He is ranting against the real world. And there is no check on his powers by the feckless Republican majority in Congress.

Trump lashes out at the press for reporting news he doesn’t like, and he has banned a reporter for asking a question he doesn’t like. That is unprecedented and is unacceptable.

Trump blames others for his problems and shames those he disagrees with. He takes no responsibility for adverse consequences, such as the foreign trade backlash against his unwise tariffs, or his poor performance in Helsinki. Trump’s lying about paying hush money to women pales in comparison to what he may have talked about with Vladimir Putin.