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August 24, 2019

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Trump team divides the U.S.

We are living in a world of hate, confusion and division.

Why has this happened? Maybe it is because the majority of Americans are fed up with our present government’s tactics.

Many missteps have occurred over the past 18 months, but the one that truly hurts me is the separation of children from their parents. One congressman said the caged children were now better off than they were.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in front of a group of high school students, seemed to applaud a call to lock up Hillary Clinton.

The backbone of our democracy depends on our rule of law. The most powerful protector of it is the FBI. So why is our president trying to undermine that protection?

This person has broken most of the tenets of Christ but his so-called Christian followers keep turning the other cheek to accept another blow. They are following a road that ends over a cliff.

I hope they can stand up for decency to help reunite the good old USA.