Las Vegas Sun

July 16, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Anthem is not about politics

The Aug. 19 editorial “By taking a knee, NFL players stand up for freedom of expression” correctly points out that the players are acting in support of a just social cause, but fails to recognize that it is the armed forces and their sacrifices that guarantee the safety of the Constitution from which their freedoms emanate.

Professor Rupert Nacoste is quoted in the editorial: “Without the U.S. Constitution, both the national anthem and the flag are meaningless.” Precisely: It is about the country, not the anthem, not the flag and not about the president.

It is love of country and the Constitution that should motivate Americans to stand for the flag, as it represents the country, not politics or how you choose to vote.

It’s the same country that many of us took an oath to defend against all enemies, and would now like to enjoy in retirement, watching football without political attacks spewed in the name of social justice.