Las Vegas Sun

October 20, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

We need action for the climate

We have a responsibility to motivate our government leaders to implement laws to mitigate climate change. Witnessing the numerous natural disasters of the past year only brings this responsibility to the forefront. Let us be the generation that changes the course of climate change.

To reduce the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget would threaten the public’s health. The budget that the EPA has provided ensures we have the funds to clean up dirty air, reduce lead pollution and clean up our toxic sites. “Clean air and clean water are a right” is one of the principles that Defend Our Future, the nonpartisan environmental group, is guided by. No person should be excluded, and no one should have to worry about having clean water and clean air.

I joined Defend Our Future because I wanted my voice to be heard. We should and must have the power to speak out and educate our peers about the environment. I am calling on Sen. Dean Heller and the rest of the Nevada delegation to fully support the EPA and the important work it does for their constituents and our health.