Las Vegas Sun

March 21, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Ballot box is the way to go

I hear on television and see in the newspapers cries to “impeach the president!” Such a tactic may assuage ill feelings in the short term, but is unlikely to rid our country of the current executive administration. Historically, only two presidents have been impeached and neither was convicted. Both eventually served out their terms.

A more practical strategy, in my opinion, is to follow the regular order for electing our president which has worked some 57 times — vote.

Voting this fall in large enough numbers to elect persons to Congress who oppose the administration would likely reduce the implementation of further policies that are considered bad for our democracy and, perhaps, action by a revised Congress would roll back some destructive policies that are already in effect.

A follow-up vote in 2020 to elect someone else as president by a wide enough margin to create a basis where people can say “Americans have spoken” would conclude the matter. Simply over and done.

All it takes is for you to remain calm, but vigilant, and do your duty as a citizen — get registered and place an informed vote.