Las Vegas Sun

September 19, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Rules never apply to Trump

With all of the palaver over the Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids of undocumented workers in Mississippi, The Washington Post has reported that the Trump Organization has been using undocumented workers for nearly 20 years on construction projects. The workers were even instructed to buy fake papers. Who knew about this and how high up did it go? President Donald Trump has said there was a purge carried out in the past, using E-Verify. Apparently it did not work well.

Is there a real threat to American workers of losing jobs to immigrants in service, construction, agricultural and meat-packing jobs? Companies want to take advantage of cheap labor. Trump will never take responsibility for his foibles. He thinks he is either a hero (“I alone cam fix it”) or a victim (“I am treated so unfairly”). He will always blame others. That is his praxis to get away with every surreptitious endeavor.

Trump does not show empathy for others. Americans are angry these days. Mass shootings have put us on high alert when in public spaces. Trump’s evocative rhetoric can be summed simply: Cruelty is the point.