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May 21, 2019

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Embrace our laws, traditions

We are all guilty of listening to the news and cherry-picking the facts. What we don’t know can be harmful, but what we think we know can be far more damaging.

The most important principles, vital to America’s successes, are the U.S. Constitution, our historical struggles to build and mold our nation, the integrity and sanctity of our U.S. institutions, and the powerful forces that drive our free and capitalistic economy. If any of these precepts are lost or compromised, America will cease to grow and prosper.

The Constitution endures as a mighty rampart that protects and guides the power of our democracy. No man can divide our nation but a cabal of misguided politicians and judges can do great harm by tweaking, subverting and undermining our Constitution.

Americans have fought many conflicts to protect our freedom, our union, and our sovereignty. Throughout our history, many struggles and grievances have been resolved with our Constitution’s amendment process, resulting in an updated and more inclusive charter.

Our time-honored institutions should never be weaponized to target those with opposing views. Our courts must not be stacked with extremist judges who believe the Constitution needs to be interpreted by rules of mobs or the fads of today.

Our government needs to concentrate on keeping Americans safe and prosperous and stop trying to fix things that are not broken.