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September 16, 2019

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Get the most out of our veterans

With all the debate about a border wall, immigration andNational Guard troops, I have an idea for any legislator or official — Democrat or Republican.

Many veterans come home from their tour of duty and can’t find work, are depressed, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or contemplate suicide.

Why can’t we utilize our veterans instead of hiring more Border Patrol agents or deploying National Guard troops? Keep them on the military payroll and put them on the border. Even those who have lost limbs and have rehabilitated can monitor the border.

It would give them a sense of purpose, and they would know they have something waiting for them, if they want it.

I don’t know how many return every month or year, but probably enough to help secure our borders, instead of dishing out $30 billion dollars for a wall — $30 billion could pay a lot of wages to our veterans.