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May 24, 2019

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Social Security is a bad investment

I take offense at the Smith’s World editorial cartoon in the Feb. 12 edition of the Sun. Three people state that they don’t need socialism: One enjoys his Medicare; another represents a brokerage firm that received a bailout and the third is happy with her Social Security.

There is a major problem with one of these “socialist” handouts. Social Security is paid into for many years before anyone gets to be happy with the returns from those investments.

If those funds were invested privately, the return would be much higher than the meager checks that many receive at the end of their working days. The government makes money on our investments and uses the funds for its own dubious needs, resulting in a constant near hysteria of “not having enough to continue payouts” and always seeming to be on the edge of ruin.

Social Security is not a socialist dream, it’s the workers investing in their government instead of Charles Schwab.