Las Vegas Sun

August 23, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Be a voice for peace, kindness

Charles Blow’s July 8 column, “It’s the cruelty, Stupid,” asked pointedly, “What will you say?” He addressed President Donald Trump’s outrageous policies and performance.

What will I say? Mr. Blow offered no suggestions. But he challenged me. Of all the upheavals coming from the Trump administration, there has been no lower bar than the calculated warehousing of innocent children and the subsequent cruelty toward them. Here is what I have already said:

I asked my senator, Kyrsten Sinema, to address the matter. I proclaimed my support for Mark Kelly, a candidate in my state’s next Senate race, whose issues include immigration reform.

I recommend visiting Kids in Need of Defense (, which provides legal representation for unaccompanied children crossing the border. Their website includes summaries of key legislation to counter the administration’s vile migrant policies.

When you do what you can with deeds and dollars — say what you can in voice and print — and still feel sickened, then pray. Envision the return of our country’s common sense and compassion. Vote and pray. That is what I say.