Las Vegas Sun

June 17, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Mueller’s report is not ours to see

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report will not contain any indictment of the president. If there was such bombshell evidence of collusion or illegal acts, it would have been leaked by now. As a result, anti-Trumpers are calling for every word of the report to be made public in hopes there is at least some embarrassing information in there about President Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that the law does not require the report or even a summary to be made public, it is certain that something will be released. Then there will be screams of a cover-up.

It is foolish to suggest that every word be released since it’s obvious Mueller’s report, in dealing with Russian interference, for example, will contain classified information and classified sources that need to be protected. Secondly, those people who were investigated but found innocent of any prosecutable offenses are entitled to their privacy.

Making the argument that the taxpayers paid for it so we are entitled to all of it is akin to saying we paid for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office desk and F-35 fighter jets, so we should be entitled to those as well.