Las Vegas Sun

August 24, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Reid deserves our gratitude

In recent months, I have seen some snarky letters and columns regarding former Sen. Harry Reid. The writers must have either lacked a genuine understanding of the senator or had their own agendas.

Reid is a man who worked hard all his life to rise from poverty to success. He has also maintained his integrity. Reid has been dedicated to his state. When he became Senate majority leader, he also was dedicated to his country, so he could not focus only on Nevada.

A devout member of the LDS church, he originally followed and supported its precepts. Early, he was opposed to some immigration, abortion and same-sex marriage. He may still feel that way personally. However, with passage of time and conversations with his children and grandchildren, he became more open to these issues. He did not flip-flop. He became more tolerant.

Let us praise this good man who is still trying to help our country.